medicis covers the expenses incurred which are not refunded by the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS - national health service) within the limits of the package selected. Without this additional cover, the balance to be paid may be considerable.

medicis additional health insurance comes into play after reimbursements from the CNS, and offers high-level services whether in the event of hospitalisation, dental treatment, visual aids or any other outpatient treatment.

2 packages

To be chosen, depending on your needs

medicis Hospi+
The best possible cover when staying in hospital or undergoing surgery –the ideal solution when the unexpected happens.
  • hospitalisation care
  • consultations, medical examinations, out-patient surgery performed at a hospital
  • hospitalisation-related medical treatment (30 days before/90 days after)
  • transportation by ambulance to the nearest hospital
  • private room or a daily set amount compensated whilst in hospital (if a private room is not taken)
  • costs incurred for repatriation if required for medical reasons when on a short stay abroad
medicis confort
Complete cover that protects you whatever happens. It covers hospitalisation as well as more regular everyday medical expenses.
All the benefits of the medicis hospi +
  • medical treatment
  • visual aids and eye care
  • dental treatment
  • alternative therapies

How do I get reimbursed?

For rapid reimbursement, simply report your expenses by uploading the following documents in your client area or sending them to us where appropriate:
  • the account issued by the statutory health insurance fund (i.e. the CNS)
  • a copy of all medical bills and fees
  • a copy of all doctor’s prescriptions
  • your pharmacy receipts for medication prescribed by your doctor
Regarding hospitalisation
Important! In the case of scheduled hospitalisation,please let us know 10 days before hospitalisation through the cover request
For dental expenses
If the health insurance fund asks you for a quotation before covering certain dental or orthodontic expenses, send us the health insurance fund quotation relating to your file.

Where should I send documents and claims?

To ensure your reimbursements are processed more quickly, please send us all correspondence relating to the reimbursement of medical expenses via the MyFoyer app  or to the following address:

Foyer Santé 12, rue Léon Laval - L-3372 Leudelange

MyFoyer App

Simple and intuitive, the application facilitates your procedures and offers you maximum transparency.

Any questions about your reimbursements for medical expenses?

Do not hesitate to contact your Foyer agent.

Our services to simplify your life

Assistance 24h/7
We are available day and night if you have any problems.
The MyFoyer app
With the MyFoyer app, you can declare everything in just 2 clicks: reimbursement, coverage and follow-up of file. Quick and easy!
Child assistance
Is an accident or illness preventing your children from going to school? We will cover the costs of private tuition.

A second medical opinion to get the right diagnosis

In partnership with Best Doctors (lien vers bestdoctors.com), , Foyer enables you to call on an international network of doctors who will determine a second diagnosis remotely.

Whether the issue is surgery, cancer or heart disease, renowned specialists analyse your medical file (with or without your attending physician, as you choose) without you needing to leave your home.

The little extra

The amount of insurance premium is deductible from the income tax declaration as a special expense (article 111 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law).


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Speak with an agent to learn more about the content of the médicis insurance policies.

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