A second medical opinion to make sure you get the right diagnosis

Having doubts about a medical diagnosis you received? Would you like to confirm the operation or treatment prescribed?

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In partnership with Best Doctors, Foyer offers you free access to an international network of doctors who will determine a second diagnosis remotely.

The aim of a second medical opinion is not always to change a diagnosis or treatment plan but rather to make sure you choose the best possible solution.

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Jason, a young man in his early 20s, had a headache practically every day for over a year. The pain was extremely intense and had a profound impact on his life. His doctor diagnosed him with migraines and prescribed him medicine. While it did help to reduce the intensity and frequency of his headaches, he still didn’t feel convinced that it wasn’t something more serious.


Jason contacted Best Doctors, and a leading international neurologist looked into his case. The specialist gave him exactly the assurance he needed: yes, he was having migraines and, no, it wasn’t anything more serious. Jason received an expert report with detailed advice on the various alternative medicines as well as other information on coping strategies and effective therapies.


Kelly works long hours sat at her desk – on average, more than 9 hours a day. She suffers severe and frequent back pain. Kelly’s GP suspected she might have a condition called ankylosing spondylitis, which is a type of arthritis caused by an autoimmune disease, and prescribed her painkillers to help. Kelly managed her back pain with medicine and visits to an osteopath. However, it wasn’t long before her condition worsened. Unable to sleep, her GP sent her to a rheumatologist who recommended an anti-TNF treatment.


Kelly got in touch with Best Doctors to make sure her diagnosis was right and to confirm the possible treatment options. The world expert, after examining Kelly’s medical notes, recommended an MRI to confirm her initial diagnosis. He also recommended further tests to rule out any other less obvious diagnoses.

Not only did the expert confirm Kelly’s diagnosis, he also agreed that the recommended MRI confirmed ankylosing spondylitis and that anti-TNF treatment was indeed the right treatment for her.



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