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Executive insurances

Ensure business continuity  

Additional protections for executives, directors, managers and members of management  

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Executive civil liability 

Civil and criminal defence costs are covered  

Protection of financial losses

An indemnity is provided in the event of incapacity to work  

Retirement savings 

The premiums paid for your retirement savings are tax deductible

Company executive insurance 

Extensive insurance designed to protect your business  

The position of senior manager requires you to make many decisions that may be more or less successful. And when management fails, the consequences are immediate. We cover costs related to shareholder claims, bankruptcies and impairment. 

Guaranteed income  

Receive a salary in the event of cessation of work 

In addition to a cover to help offset your loss of income, our insurance pays you a daily allowance in case of incapacity to work. To supplement these covers, a disability annuity is provided and adjusted according to your level of inability to perform your job. You only have to worry about the health of your company; yours is in good hands. 

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Retirement savings plan  

Create a tax-deductible capital or annuity  

Our supplementary pension plan for self-employed people, horizont pro, is a solution that integrates savings, protection and tax benefits. It is up to you to choose the amount of your monthly savings, while knowing that you can always make additional payments. The payment of premiums is tax deductible and several investment vehicles are offered, depending on your profile.  

As a business leader, you know that we need to prepare for the future in order to protect the present. 

What is covered 

Our insurance for executives can cover: 

  • Civil and criminal defence costs 
  • Image repair costs 
  • Psychological support costs 
  • Loss of income in case of incapacity to work 
  • Additional retirement savings 
  • Disability pension 

The proper functioning of a company depends on its manager. Foyer insurance offers comprehensive protection to business leaders so that they can focus on that of their SMEs. 

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