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Insure the essential assets of your business

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More profitability, more growth and more protection

First and foremost, insurance must protect your growth and profitability. This is the basis of the dialogue with your risk manager through which you build an insurance plan suited to your business, your customers and your suppliers. We then move forward together.

Our solutions

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Buildings and contents insurance

Tailor-made cover for your infrastructure, plant, equipment and production chains, which also allows you to resume your business activities as quickly as possible.

Why choose Foyer Assurances?

Our USP is how we work with each of our clients. We focus on dialogue and understanding to create insurance policies tailored to each business.

We protect your property 

With Foyer Assurances, all or part of your assets can be covered by insurance specifically designed for large organisations. 

We offer solutions that meet your needs 

Our Large Corporate insurance products are tailor-made to take into account the unique features and specific needs of each company. 

We adapt to your needs 

With exclusive cover, high maximum payouts and personalised assistance, your business will be insured exactly as it should be. 

modern office building


Is this insurance right for you?

We have products to suit every size of company and every sector of activity. Here, you’ll find customized solutions for large companies and industries. To know if your company will find the best product here, you need to meet one of these 3 criteria depending on the product:

10Mio €

One of these criteria not met?

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and we will respond as soon as possible 

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Specific guarantees for professionals according to their needs