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Life and supplementary health insurance

Show your employees you want the best for them  

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Health insurance and retirement savings  

Provide your employees with insurance for their future 

As a business owner, you know how important it is to be able to rely on your teams. Thanks to our products, you give them every reason to feel valued and respected. You ensure their health, their pension, and you also protect their family. 

Are these types of insurance for you? 

Our insurance policies can be taken out if your company has a minimum number of employees.

Group health insurance 10
and +
Group life insurance 3
and +

One of these criteria is exceeded?

Medicis groupe 

Quality health coverage for your employees 

Thanks to the medicis groupe extended healthcare cover, your employees can have new expectations in terms of reimbursement of medical care and expenses: 100% reimbursement of doctor visits and hospitalisation costs; optical equipment, dental equipment, alternative medicine, etc. This coverage can also be extended to family members. 


The medicis groupe health insurance can cover

  • Employee healthcare costs 
  • The health cover can be extended to family members 


A complete financial safety net 

The advantis pension plan helps your employees build up a supplementary pension in an advantageous tax and social framework. Several options are possible, in the form of a lump sum or an annuity, in addition to the protection cover (death, disability, accident). 

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The advantis pension plan offers your employees

  • A supplementary pension 
  • Protection of their family members in the event of difficult times 
  • Favourable tax treatment  
  • Access to e-advantis (discover our online pension plan viewing tool) 

Family, health and retirement are three major concerns of everyone. By taking out Foyer insurance for your employees, you make sure they are in good hands. We will always be there for them. 

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