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Insure your liability and ensure the future of your company

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Legal protection

Covers your civil, criminal and administrative liability 

Legal assistance

Get expert answers over the phone

Wealth protection 

Your personal finances are protected in the event of a claim 

Protect yourself to protect your business

Your legal defence costs are covered and your personal assets protected  

As a director, your personal assets might be in jeopardy if you are found guilty of errors in the performance of your duties. 
To guard against this eventuality, Foyer’s Director Third-Party Liability insurance covers legal costs in the event of alleged misconduct. Focus on the needs and protection of your company, yours are covered. 

Costs of providing psychological support and repairing your image are covered

A director at a large company is on the front line when problems arise. In addition to its legal protection, Foyer’s executive insurance includes other cover. Whether to repair your image or receive psychological support in the event of a claim, our insurance covers the costs incurred. 


Director insurance can cover

  • Compensation following a claim for misconduct committed as a director 
  • Civil and criminal defence costs 
  • Image repair costs 
  • Psychological support costs 
  • Protection for your spouse and heirs 

As a senior manager, your absence can greatly complicate the smooth running of the business. Foyer solutions are there to prevent your problems from becoming the company’s problems. 

One question, one answer  

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Specific guarantees for professionals according to their needs