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Motor insurance

Protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle. Simulate your motor insurance online and find the best cover!

Car loan

Are you looking for auto financing with the best terms? Calculate your monthly mobilé crédit payments and receive an response for your vehicle loan application in less than two hours!

Private Lease

Do you change vehicles often? Choose from among our private leasing offers to benefit from a new vehicle under good terms!

Protected driver

Drivers are typically the only ones not compensated for their own damage or injury in the event of an accident. To address this shortfall, we are offering you this personal cover for yourself (and all other drivers named in the policy), for all your journeys, in the event of injury or disability, whether you are driving your car or cycling, on a scooter or on public transport. We compensate your beneficiaries in the event of death.

Charging your car at home: what you need to know

Choosing an electric car also means making choices about how you recharge it. Can you install a charging point at your home? Which one should you choose? How much power? How much will it cost? How do you control access? These are just some of the questions we’ll try to answer in this article.

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Charging your electric car is getting easier in Luxembourg!

Although electric cars are becoming more popular, many Luxembourgers are still hesitant to get one. This is due to the specifics of charging vehicles, the availability of charging points, the charging time, concerns about breakdowns, etc. However, several recent developments should help to reassure those who are undecided. Let’s take a closer look at the subject.

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Which electric car to choose in 2024?

In 2023, nearly one in four cars registered in Luxembourg was electric, not counting plug-in hybrids. From Dacia and Ferrari to Suzuki and Volvo, all manufacturers are involved in electric vehicles. So, at the same range level, manufacturers now have to set themselves apart on aspects other than power or engine reliability, both of which are excellent in electric vehicles. The new selection criteria are load capacity and speed. We help you decide how to choose an electric car in 2024.

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As an insurer, our role is to guide you towards the type of coverage most suited to your daily activities so that you feel fully protected.

To help everyone clarify their situation, we have developed what we call the “customer assessment“. It’s a simple, intuitive tool that provides an overview of your insurance needs, defines your priority requirements and your medium- and long-term prospects, and guides you towards a personalised solution.

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