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Being mobile is important, but being safe is even more! With the “mobilé” motor insurance, we take care of you, your passengers and your vehicle.

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mobilé – the motor insurance with you wherever you go

Are you a passionate driver, always behind the wheel or just occasionally, a beginner or an experienced driver, a city-dweller or a seasoned traveller?

With mobilé from Foyer, you can find the package that suits you, whatever your age or experience, your car, journeys or use.

Our “protected driver” cover means that our car insurance supports you at every stage of your journey, even on a bicycle, a scooter or even on public transport. Everywhere and wherever you go. That’s reassuring, isn’t it?

You would like to insure your electric or hybrid car?

We insure the specific features of your vehicle and offer you the appropriate cover. By reducing your carbon footprint, each year we will grant you a reduction in your insurance premium.

  • Recovery assistance: this supplementary Assistance cover insures the recovery and transportation of your vehicle to the nearest charging station if your battery runs out of charge.
  • Cable theft: your power and charging cables are covered for theft. Your battery is also covered by your material/ bodywork damage insurance, in the event of theft or damage.

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Replacement car up to 60 days


mobilé is a motor insurance to suit you, that means flexible packages and a choice of options.
You only take out what you actually need.


Vital and unrestricted

This cover, vital for travelling in complete safety, can be topped up with whichever options you choose: fire and glass breakage, driver protection and/or traffic accident, covering your family and passengers.


Sheltered from nature

Climatic events are becoming increasingly frequent and violent. Your car may be damaged by flooding, hail or falling trees. Foyer will cover your vehicle against damage caused by these natural phenomena.


Balanced and comfortable

Collisions with animals, broken glass, fire and electrical damage, damage due to weather events, theft and vandalism are all covered. In the event of an accident, you also have the option of being reimbursed at the new price of your car.


Far from any worries

Peace of mind, no matter what. Even if you are at fault, your vehicle is covered. This is the most comprehensive package and you automatically benefit from Mobility Joker.

Chosen by 68% of our customers


Foyer offers you six options to choose from to supplement your motor insurance.


Have you had an accident? We provide you with a replacement vehicle for a period of up to 15 days – or up to 60 days if your car has been stolen or written off.

Personal belongings

This option covers you for the repair or replacement of all your items and luggage in the vehicle (including electronic and multimedia devices).

Protected driver

As the driver of the vehicle, you are compensated in the event of injury or disability. Better! You are also protected when you travel – by bicycle, scooter, public transport, etc.

Bonus protection

Avoid a price increase following claims for bodywork damage. This option gives you complete control over your motor insurance budget.

Purchase price/Value +

Your car retains its purchase or replacement value. Instead of depreciating each year, until your car is three years old, you will receive the best possible compensation in the event of theft or write-off.

Traffic accident

This cover provides compensation in the event of disability and compensates your loved ones in the event of death following a road accident.

Breakdown Assistance

A breakdown, a puncture, the wrong fuel, no fuel or lost your key? We will get a mechanic out, 24/7.

Our four packages at a glance

Third-party liability
As the owner of a vehicle, third party motor liability insurance is mandatory. It comes into play when you are at fault in an accident that has caused damage to third parties. We reimburse these costs, as well as any damages to which that person may be entitled.
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen
Standard legal cover
We provide legal defence and ensure action against third parties responsible to recover the compensation due to you.
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen
Extended legal cover
This insurance covers the costs incurred for civil proceedings and the defence of your legal interests following a claim or if you have a dispute concerning the purchase or sale of your vehicle, following a repair at your garage, or need to defend yourself in the context of a statement, etc.
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen
Assistance 24/7
Whether your accident occurs in Luxembourg or abroad, you have the assurance of being taken care of, 24-hour recovery, repatriation costs, accommodation costs, travel continuation costs.
Clima Protection Zen
Breakdown Assistance
A breakdown, a puncture, the wrong fuel, no fuel or lost your key? We will get a mechanic out, 24/7. If a breakdown service is not possible, your vehicle will be recovered and you get a replacement car while it is being repaired, for five days.
Clima Protection Zen
Fire insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to fire, explosion, lightning or a short circuit in the electrical system.
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen
Glass damage
We cover the repair or replacement to all your vehicle’s glass components ing (windscreens, windows, glass roof, etc.), including the technical or technological elements incorporated in specific visual areas (sensors, etc.).
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen
Forces of Nature
If your vehicle is parked outside, this additional cover can be useful to repair damage caused by lightning, a sudden hailstorm or even a falling tree. The consequences of floods and earthquakes are also covered.
Clima Protection Zen
Collision with an animal
This insurance covers damage to the vehicle caused by collision with an animal, whether stray or lost.
Protection Zen
Theft and vandalism
Covers not only the theft of your vehicle, but also the damage caused to it as a result of attempted theft. In the event of theft of your vehicle keys, the costs of reprogramming the vehicle by the garage are also covered.
Protection Zen
Material damage
ll physical damage to your vehicle is covered whether or not you are at fault. We also cover damage caused by a rodent or due to misfuelling, etc.
Mobility Joker
Are you unable to drive your vehicle because you are too tired or think your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit? Included automatically in your ZEN package, this cover allows you to benefit from three free taxi journeys per year up to a maximum of 70 km.(only for contracts taken out as 25 January 2021 or if the guarantee is mentioned in your contract)
We arrange for a replacement vehicle to be made available, for up to 45 days. If you don’t need this vehicle or if you want another vehicle according to your current needs (holidays, etc.), we will refund all or part of your rental or pay you a fixed price.
Clima Protection Zen
Transported personal belongings
Personal belongings include your luggage and objects carried inside the vehicle or in the roof box, but also your multimedia equipment (laptop, smartphone, GPS, etc.). This insurance covers their repair or replacement. If you are a motorcycle driver, the motorcycle’s protective equipment is also covered.
Protection Zen
Value +/Purchase price
In the event of theft or total loss of your vehicle, this cover provides you with compensation in the amount of the purchase price or price new for 36 months from the date 1st registered (or 90,000km in total). This means you are guaranteed to be able to buy the same vehicle without putting in any money yourself.
Protection Zen
Bonus protection
With this option, you do not lose your bonus/malus level in the event of bodywork damage claims. You therefore avoid a premium increase following the declaration of one or more claims.
Protected driver
Physical injury resulting from a road accident is compensated for all authorised drivers of the vehicle.
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen
Traffic accident
As a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or public transport user, this cover compensates you in the event of disability and pays a lump sum to your loved ones in the event of death.
Essentiel Clima Protection Zen



Not included

Vehicle loan

Finance the purchase of your new car

We are here to accompany you in the purchase of your new vehicle thanks to a suitable financing solution with no application fees.

If you make a claim

We offer you services to simplify your life.

24/7 assistance

You always have a contact person, whatever the time of day.

Partners for Glass replacement

A chip in your windshield? Have it repaired without paying a cent.

Claim declaration

From the site of the accident or from your home, by phone, by email or via MyFoyer app.

Up-to-date information

Follow the progress of your vehicle claims in real time. You can view the different steps in just a few clicks.

Replacement vehicle

Your life continues normally during repairs thanks to your replacement vehicle.

Mobility Joker

Are you no longer able to drive? Claim up to three free journeys per year to return home by taxi or with a driver.

Private leasing

Insurance within your budget

Looking for all-inclusive motor package  that won’t break the bank? Then private leasing is for you!

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