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Foyer’s savings and investment life insurance plans help you build savings for the future, facilitate the transfer of your wealth and protect your loved ones; all this while optimising your taxes.

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Discover our solutions for optimizing your tax return

Retirement savings solutions

Upon retirement, the amount of your statutory pension will be seriously reduced compared to the amount of your last income. With retirement savings insurance solutions, you can close this gap.


Flexible supplementary pension scheme linked to a range of investment funds . You are free to choose the frequency and the amount of premiums paid. When the policy matures, you may choose to have the capital in the form of a single payment or a monthly lifetime annuity.

Up to 3200€ tax deductible (Article 111 bis of Luxembourg Income Tax Law)

Conditions :

  • The minimum contract term is 10 years.
  • The contract maturity age is minimum 60 years and maximum 75 years.


A solution that allows you to anticipate your financial future and that of your loved ones with peace of mind by combining life insurance and savings to suit all your needs.
protect4life grows with you, giving you the chance to personalise your cover to suit your family and professional situation.

Up to 672€ tax deductible (Article 111 of Luxembourg Income Tax Law)

The personal protection solution

In addition to projects like home renovation or going on a long trip, do you want to protect your loved ones and your income and save gradually? Our personal protection solution meets these needs and will even allow you to save on taxes.

Life insurance

As part of a financial loan, life insurance enables you to secure a debt and protect your loved ones in times of need. According to the chosen solution, you guarantee your loved ones a stable financial future.

focus financement

focus financement covers the outstanding amount (TSRD) of your loan in the event of death. The balance of your loan is paid to your bank and your debt is paid off.

focus investissement

Have you found your future home? Our focus investissement loan balance policy (TSRD) covers mortgage loans and long-term investments to buy or build your family home.

Up to 672€ tax deductible (Article 111 of Luxembourg Income Tax Law)


Created in 1921, Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG is the oldest and one of the largest building societies in Germany. Its Luxembourg branch, located in Munsbach, deals with all home purchase savings requests from Foyer customers.

Up to €672 tax deductible per household member (article 111 of the L.I.R.). For taxpayers aged between 18 and 40, the ceiling is doubled to €1,344 per household member.

Homebuyer savings plans

By combining home savings with your mortgage, you can finance your home or build up savings while enjoying tax benefits. Thanks to the home savings solutions offered by our partner Wüstenrot, you can deduct the contributions paid into your contract from your taxable income.

Other tax deductible products

  • The premiums for third-party liability (for motor vehicle, home, private insurance). In the premium amount of your mobilé insurance, the premiums for cover for equipment damage, fire, theft, glass damage or legal cover are not deductible. However, the amount of the protected driver cover is deductible.
  • The contribution to your medicis extended healthcare cover is also deductible.

Up to 672€ tax deductible per household member (Article 111 of Luxembourg Income Tax Law)

Young professionals: which personal protection insurance is best for you?

According to the European Statistical Office Eurostat, 19.2% of 15-29 year-olds were employed in 2021. If you want to enter the world of work with peace of mind, personalised protection is essential to guard against life’s unpredictability. So, how do you insure yourself in the event of disability? Let’s discover the importance of choosing a personal protection insurance adapted to your needs as a young professional.

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2 insurance policies to protect your loved ones in the event of death

Insuring the future of your loved ones also means guaranteeing that they will not be financially disadvantaged if you die. However, with the complexity of numerous insurance policies, it does not make things easy. Which ones would cover your loans? Your child’s future studies? What are the advantages of taking out life insurance in Luxembourg?

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How can you ensure you are well prepared for your retirement?

What will your income be once you’ve retired? Not many people can answer this question, but it’s an important one. Retirement can be a good and long period of your life.

According to statistics, the average loss in income is 25%. You may feel this decrease might restrict your choices in life, particularly at a time when you have more time and spend more.

So what is the solution? In Luxembourg you can profit from the latest tax initiatives which allow you to save for the future (with growth) within tax efficient investment products. . It is never too late to think about your retirement to ensure you have greater financial control and remember, the earlier you prepare for your retirement, the more you will accumulate!

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You can discover all our articles written by experts to help you understand the world of insurance, give you the best advice and above all, help you prevent risks in your everyday life.

The insurance check-up, the central instrument of our advisory approach

As an insurer, our role is to guide you towards the type of coverage most suited to your daily activities so that you feel fully protected.

To help everyone clarify their situation, we have developed what we call the “customer assessment“. It’s a simple, intuitive tool that provides an overview of your insurance needs, defines your priority requirements and your medium- and long-term prospects, and guides you towards a personalised solution.

To take advantage of this service, just make an appointment with a Foyer agent, it’s free and with no obligation.

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