You are unique, so your insurance should be, too.

Whether you’re an adventurer, home person, eco-activist, athlete, collector or living life to the full  – or all of these things – your lifestyle is unique to you and can change at any time.

Choose, combine!

mozaïk is essential cover + useful cover + optional cover

that you can combine as you wish to create a policy that matches your life.

Essential covers
To ensure you adequately protected, we have selected for you the essential coverage.
  • Fire and associated risks
  • Street demonstrations and protests, vandalism and property damage
  • Storms, hail, weight of snow and ice on roofs
  • Water damage and installation freezing
  • Broken glass and mirrors

Useful coverage

For greater piece of mind, take a look at the additional options you can include, giving you a level of coverage that is relevant to your personal requirements.

Theft and vandalism
Have you lost your keys or have you been the victim of a break-in, theft or an act of vandalism?

You are compensated for damage and stolen property, even items in your garden.
Natural disasters
Has your neighbourhood been hit with a natural disaster anddamaged your house ?  mozaïk covers you in case of flood, earthquake or landslide.
Electronic items
Home automation, Ultra HD TV, multimedia equipment or your latest robot vacuum, all of these technological equipments are covered in case of accidental breakage or theft.
Portable items
Smartphones, cameras, tablets, consoles and other connected objects are part of our daily lives. With the “Portable items” cover, you are always covered, everywhere.
Eco energie
Your home is equipped with environmentally-friendly systems, such as a heat pump, solar panels, wind power, etc. All these facilities are insured against accidental damage, theft and also against indirect losses due to loss of productivity.
Legal cover
Are you in a dispute with your telephone operator or did your neighbour build a wall without authorisation?

Don’t let any dispute complicate your life. The “legal protection” cover assists you in your procedures.
Third-party liability
Have you accidentally broken a friend’s valuable vase or did your child scratch the neighbour’s car?

The third-party liability cover allows you to avoid potentially very high costs. It covers financial damages and personal body injury.


To ensure your lifestyle, we offer you a Mosaic of possibilities.

Book your holidays worry-free. mozaïk takes care of unexpected issues like cancellations, repatriation, medical costs or lost luggage.

We accompany you around the world starting from the first night of your trip.
Leisure items
Electric bike, golf, photography, skiing or horse-riding...Foyer understands that you are living your passions to the full.

Whatever your hobbies are, with mozaïk, your equipment is insured around the world in case of theft, accidental breakage or impact.
Valuables and collections
Do you like watches, do you collect vinyl records or do you have a collection of handbags? Don't be afraid to take them out any more.

With mozaïk, you are insured against theft and breakage at your home and elsewhere.
Personal accidents have more victims than traffic accidents.

mozaïk offers you financial protection as well as day-to-day assistance

Appraise the contents of your home

To be fully insured, it is important to know the exact value of your furniture and belongings. This  leaflet will make it easy to estimate the value of everything you have accumulated over the years

In case of claim

To make life easier, we offer you services adapted to every situation.
24/7 assistance
Because accidents happen when you least expect, we provide you with 24/7 assistance.
Claim declaration
Because you don't always have the time to go to your agent, you can send your declaration in a few clicks using the MyFoyer app. The application is available on your app store.
Personalised expertiseadaptée
Because all claims are different, we offer several types of appraisals to assess your damage.
Tailored compensation
Because you want to choose your compensation method, we offer you as part of a home incident claim the possibility of choosing the one which best suits your situation.
Customised advice
Because you need to be reassured and advised in difficult times, our network of agents is at your disposal.

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Speak with an agent to learn more about the content of the mozaïk insurance policies.

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