The art of being well insured

Do you prefer modernists or the great masters? Whatever your art preferences may be, we guarantee that you can truly enjoy your passion whilst being protected in every situation.

Insuring collections and artworks requires highly specialist skills. Foyer has formed a natural partnership with Hiscox, a private insurance company of world renown, which has developed a unique understanding of the risks associated with works of art and assets over more than 100 years.

Insuring works of art is different because, when a piece is lost, damaged or stolen, it can seldom be replaced due to its unique nature. However, the financial value of this investment can be protected with appropriate insurance such as “Fine Art”.

Fully insured

Comprehensive cover

We cover all potential risks (theft, loss, fire, water damage, breakage and accidental damage) whether you wish to insure a few items or a whole collection.

Personalised claim management

If you have experienced a claim: You can choose between restoration, replacement or compensation. You also have access to our network if you need and expert or a restorer.

More than simple compensation

What if your work of art has lost its value after the damage has been repaired? Don’t worry; we will compensate you for this loss of value.

International cover

Your items will be covered all over the world including in transit, at your home or at an exhibition.

“Pair or set” cover

If an item is worth more because it is part of a pair or a set, the compensation takes this value into account when the claim is settled and is based on the total value of the pair or set even if only one piece has been damaged.

A new product for all art forms

This insurance is suitable for all forms of art, from stamp collections to a series of paintings by Rubens or engravings, sculptures, objects and installations. We also insure rugs & carpets, manuscripts, valuable ceramics, wine and jewellery.

Your advantages

Support with your subscription

The value of a work of art fluctuates over time and you will not always be aware of the amount. We suggest that you have an appraisal done at the time of subscription to determine the agreed value of your item according to its history, rarity, etc. In that way the value of your item will be indisputable in the event of a claim and you will receive your compensation more quickly.

Rapid assistance in the event of a claim

We offer immediate specialist intervention (appraisal, legal protection, transport, restoration, storage, security) to prevent or minimise risks in the event of a claim.

Know-how in the maintenance of works of art

Partnership with IPARC, a service provider in the conservation and restoration of works of art. You will have access to a multi-disciplinary team specialising in research, analysis and collection maintenance.

Automatic protection

Each new acquisition is automatically covered from the time of its acquisition up to a maximum of 25% of the total amount insured under your policy. You simply need to inform us of the acquisition within 60 days.