April 3, 2024

Understanding the health system in Luxembourg: What are the differences between mutual insurers and insurance companies?

Luxembourg is renowned for its efficient and accessible healthcare system. Understanding how this system works, and in particular the difference between mutual insurance companies such as CMCM and insurance companies offering supplementary health products, is essential for navigating the Luxembourg healthcare landscape.

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The Luxembourg healthcare system: an overview

The Luxembourg healthcare system is founded on the principle of social security. It is based on the partial or total reimbursement of healthcare costs by the State, employers and citizens.

Social security: the foundation of the system

Social security in Luxembourg is managed by the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS). It covers a large proportion of medical costs, including consultations with a doctor, prescribed medicines, hospital treatment and dental care. Contributions are deducted from the income of employees and employers.

Mutual insurance companies

Mutual societies, such as the CMCM (Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste), are not-for-profit organisations that offer complementary services to those provided by the CNS, such as dental care, optical care and certain alternative treatments.

In principle, mutuals do not aim to generate profits for their members. They therefore have fewer financial resources than commercial companies. They have to collect contributions from their members to finance their operations and services. If they find it difficult to generate sufficient income, this may restrict their ability to redistribute benefits or offer certain complementary services.

Insurance companies: supplementary health options

Alongside mutual insurers, insurance companies such as Foyer Assurances operate on the principle of mutualisation and have their own funds. However, they are supervised by the Commissariat aux Assurances and are subject to strict regulations, including Solvency II. All these factors are guarantees of customer protection.

With their supplementary health insurance, insurers offer a varied range of health cover, allowing individuals to choose the options that best meet their specific needs. These insurance policies have broader cover and higher indemnity ceilings, making it possible to offer more extensive protection for frequent or costly treatments, even when the CNS is not involved.

In recent weeks, the Luxembourg mutual insurance system, in particular the CMCM, has been at the centre of controversy in the media. This may have shaken your confidence in your healthcare provider. Are you now wondering whether you should choose a loyal insurance company that offers reliable supplementary health insurance?

At Foyer Assurances, trust is one of our core values. Our medicis supplementary health insurance will meet your expectations and offers cover for expenses not covered by the CNS. There are two options to suit your needs:

  • medicis hospi+ offers you optimum protection in the event of hospitalisation or surgery in Luxembourg or abroad,
  • medicis confort goes even further, covering medical treatment, dental and optical care and alternative therapies. You are free to choose your doctor or hospital anywhere in Europe, without prior agreement from the CNS.

In conclusion, the Luxembourg healthcare system offers a balance between the basic cover provided by Social Security and the additional options offered by mutual insurance companies and insurance companies. Understanding the differences between these entities is crucial to choosing the best healthcare solution for your individual needs.

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