October 31, 2023

How about getting your children to want to brush their teeth?

Ihre Kinder haben sicherlich Halloween genutzt, um sich auf die Jagd nach Bonbons zu begeben und haben es vielleicht etwas mit den Süßigkeiten übertrieben. Haben sie kein Bauchweh bekommen? Und ihre Zähne? Wissen sie, wie wichtig es für sie ist, zu lernen, wie man sie putzt? Wir haben gedacht, dass dies genau der richtige Augenblick ist, um Ihnen einige Tipps zu geben, damit dieser Augenblick einfacher oder sogar amüsant wird.

maman et son  enfant qui se brossent les dents

Change his or her perception of the object

What if the toothbrush was a fun object? Take your child to the shop or pharmacy and let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Between the crocodile and the princess, they will surely have a clear preference. In doing so, their perception of the object will shift from being an instrument of drudgery to a personal emblem.

For some replacements, you can also give one as a real gift, wrapped up as a surprise. Up to a certain age, this works very well.

Not a brush, but a magic wand

Imagination is powerful. What if the toothbrush was in fact a magic wand, capable of making smiles glow in the dark, or a light saber, merciless against cavities?

A simple story can turn tooth brushing time into something much more animated. It is then easy to incorporate some brushing instructions into the invented story, so as not to miss any teeth or to last the recommended 2 minutes.

Teddy’s oral health

Children often find it easier to learn a rule if they can explain it to younger ones. In this case, why not their stuffed animals or dolls? They will quickly feel responsible for their dental hygiene and will repeat all the advice you give them.

Go along with the exercise and don’t forget to give a few compliments when the teddy bear’s teeth seem to have received the attention they deserve.


2 minutes may seem a bit long in front of a mirror. And children accept tedious things more easily when they know when it will be over. An hourglass or two minutes of music are two good ways to give them a clear and understandable indication of time. This also focuses their attention and prevents boredom.

There are also apps with timers that make brushing a fun task such as Fun Timer for Parents. You choose a duration and the animal, which will appear gradually as the seconds go by.

Ritualising tooth brushing

Use the same tips, the same words, the same music, the same hourglass at each brushing.

To anchor the good practices, you can repeat them over and over again, like a nursery rhyme: “Brush, brush, brush your teeth, for a long, long time”, “up, down, left and right”, etc.

Lead by example

You too should brush twice a day for two minutes, if possible in the presence of your child. Or better still, at the same time.

Tooth brushing therefore becomes a shared moment.

Automation of the gesture

Even if it is not done perfectly, it is important that your child learns to brush their teeth on their own. Encourage them to last the two minutes by themselves.

Just remember to do a check and safety run on the hard-to-reach teeth afterwards.

Do not lose your patience!

Many of us have forgotten that brushing our teeth was a learning experience. Perfecting a skill takes practice, and this also applies to tooth brushing.

Take care of your health and the health of your children

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