Property insurance and rent protection

The renter insurance policy protects against all risks of damage to buildings that you own:

  • Fire, explosions and electrical damage
  • Storm, hail and natural dangers
  • Water and frost damage to facilities
  • Breakage of windows, glass and mirrors
  • Theft, acts of vandalism and malicious acts

With reebou invest, Foyer offers you complete insurance that also covers you in case of unpaid rent.


Why have a rental risk insurance policy?

  • Coverage in case of unpaid rent
  • Protection of your property against material damage
  • Coverage of building improvements
  • Insurance of ecological equipment
  • Assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on +352 437 43 43


What protection is provided in case of payment default?

In case one of your tenants defaults on payment, reebou invest:

  • guarantees your rent for 12 months, including charges
  • pays the legal and extra-judicial fees related to non-payment, up to expulsion fees.


What is building owners' third party liability?

The building owners' third party liability insurance, included in reebou invest, protects you against damage caused to third parties:

  • by buildings that you own;
  • by the content that you lease;
  • following minor work for maintenance, repair or conversion of your buildings.


Building legal protection insurance

reebou invest pays the legal and expert-appraisal fees, lawyers' fees and any bailiff's fees:

  • in case of a dispute with a tenant
  • in case of a dispute with a service provider.

What discounts can I benefit from?

  • Discount according to the number of assets covered
  • Monthly payment of premiums is possible

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