Illustration - Person moving boxes Illustration - Person moving boxes

Are you moving soon?

Are you finally ready to set off on a new adventure and move into your new home?

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, moving is never easy. Along with the administrative formalities, sorting out and carrying out any work that is necessary, moving is always stressful and sometimes emotional.

To ensure that your move goes smoothly and that you can focus on settling into your new home in peace, Foyer has put together a check-list for you that will help you to be more organised. Take a look now!

In addition to any well planned organisation, it is important to be properly insured when you move house. We advise you to inform your insurance agent of your change in situation without delay.
Your mozaïk home insurance will protect you for a month at both addresses (old and new) to give you the chance to tailor your insurance cover.

Unfortunately, moving sometimes involves breakages. The hi-tech items cover and the valuable items and collections module of the mozaïk insurance will guarantee that your hi-tech devices and valuables are insured in the event of a fall or breakage.

Hi-tech items

Home automation system, Ultra HD TV or state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner – all this equipment is covered in the event of fall, breakage or theft.

Valuable items and collections

Do you like watches, do you collect vinyl records or are you a fan of handbags? You no longer need to be afraid of taking them out. With mozaïk, you are insured against theft and breakage within the home and elsewhere.

Are you coming from abroad and moving to Luxembourg?

We will help you understand home insurance in Luxembourg.

Your home is much more than four walls and a roof – it is a living space where you enjoy spending time with family and/or friends and sharing unforgettable moments. Whether you are an owner or a tenant, it is important to insure your home and its contents, as well as your loved ones.

Insurance that matches your life

The best comprehensive home insurance should allow you, through its range of cover and modules, to create a policy tailored to your needs.
Illustration - Moving boxes

Once everything is organised, including insurance, it’s time to think about packing!

As Foyer wants to support you at this important stage in your life, your agent is offering you 10 boxes.

How does it work?

It’s very simple – just fill out the form below. Then choose a date to collect them from your nearest Foyer agency.
Once the form has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details.
You can also contact your usual agent directly.


Your removal
Your contact details
Your agency
Order your boxes
Order your boxes and collect them from a Foyer agency

Foyer will do its best to accompany you in your move.

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