May 12, 2022

Moving to Luxembourg: what are the administrative formalities?

Luxembourg is home to many expatriates. If you too have been swept up in our country’s thriving economy, you will have some administrative formalities to undertake.

Moving to Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, you need to declare your arrival in the municipality you are moving to.

As a citizen of the European Union or similar, you have eight days to complete this formality, which only requires your identity card or passport.

If you are from outside the European Union, you need to go through a few extra steps relating to entry and residence for foreigners.

Similarly, when you leave Luxembourg, you will have to declare your departure. The procedure is the same – a trip to the municipal authorities with a valid ID card.

Discover other advice for newcomers

Who else needs to be notified of your move?

  • Your insurance company or broker: change your insurance policies so that they match your new country of residence.
  • Post office: if you want to avoid any interruption in receiving your post, ask to have it forwarded (automatic transfers via Post.lu ).
  • Everyone else: your employer, your mutual health insurer, your bank, etc.

Everything you need to know about the Luxembourg authorities

The Luxembourg government has compiled all the administrative procedures and forms in a single website: Guichet.lu.

You can carry out a number of useful formalities there if you are moving to Luxembourg, including

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