A savings account for your children

The "Nova"children's savings plan is alife insurance policy that works like a children's savings account, and enables you at a chosen period of time to:

  • build up a lump sum for your children / grandchildren,
  • ensure their security if you should die,
  • provide for payment of a lump sum or an annuity.

A children's saving plan in the form of a life insurance is a safe and profitable solution - the ideal gift for your children.


Why choose the "Nova" children's savings plan?

  • Flexible plan
  • Attractive return
  • Protected benefits
  • Tax deductible premiums


How does a children's savings plan work?

  • You take out a policy with yourself as the life insured and your child as the beneficiary.
  • You pay regular monthly premiums.
  • You decide on maturity date.

On maturity, the savings that have built up in the children's saving plan (instalments + interest) is paid out to the beneficiary.

nova protect

With 'nova protect,' in the event of death of one of the parents, the beneficiaries receive directly a death benefit equivalent to the sum of planned premium over the duration of the contract. In addition, 'nova protect' assumes payment of the premiums up until the standard maturity, at which time a second lump sum benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries.

So there is the payment of two benefits : one on death and one at maturity.


Tax advantages under a savings account

Premiums paid into a 'nova' children's savings plan are deductible from income tax. In addition, both the benefit payable on policy maturity and the death benefit are tax free.

Take advantage of an attractive return!

The return is given monthly in the form of profit sharing.

The longer the savings duration, the higher the return.

Ask your insurance agent for advice


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