6 safety tips before you head out onto the slopes!

For some of you, Carnival holiday period might offer an exhilarating mountain excursion and an opportunity to whoosh down powder-topped hillsides. Be sure to exercise caution as skiing can be a dangerous sport. Although most accidents are not serious, it is possible to sustain a fracture or sprain injury during a hard fall, bringing your trip to a premature end.

Some advice before you're on the ski lift:

1. Prepare before your trip

Good health is the key to getting your week of joyful skiing off to a good start. To help you avoid minor incidents and strains, ensure you are in good shape and you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

2. Get informed

Before strapping into your skis, be sure to take a look at weather conditions. Carefully examine the trail map, operating hours and ski lift closing times. When in doubt, consult ski patrol, guides, or ski lift operators. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

3. Double-check your equipment

If you have your own boots and skis, be sure to adjust the fastening before you hit the slopes – this limits the risk of spraining your knee, for instance. It is vital to remove any excess snow trapped in the fastening when strapping in.

4. Pack a Rucksack full of necessities

Bring along a rucksack and throw in everything you might need: food, drink, a jumper, a hat, trail map, fully charged mobile, distress whistle, sunscreen and lip balm. Also remember to bring ski goggles, as they can help prevent the risk of temporary blindness caused by sunlight reflecting on snow. Last but not least, a helmet is essential. The best ones are breathable, light and designed specifically for skiers. Wearing one will help protect you from head injury.

5. Play it safe and start off slow

On the first day, warm up with one or two bunny hills, such as a green or blue trail. Plan your itinerary ahead of time and limit your speed so you do not interfere with skiers ahead of you. For your safety, obey warning signs on trails.

6. Are you insured?

If not, your agent can assist you. Rescue operations at ski resorts are generally very costly.

Finally, warm yourself up and head out to the slopes with your mind at ease that you are prepared. When you are ready, strap yourself in and go!

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