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Company vehicle insurance 

Flexible insurance for all your commercial vehicles 

Drive assured: your cars, vans and staff are protected 

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Appropriate prices and covers 

Choose the formula and options related to your activity 

Simplified management  

Group all your vehicles under a single policy and a single invoice 

24/7 assistance

Benefit from a 24-hour and 7-day service in the event of an accident

Commercial vehicle insurance  

We’re here to advise you 

When it comes to vehicle safety, most business leaders have the same objectives: to guarantee the mobility of their products and services, to reduce the number of accidents, to protect their employees, to offer better service to their customers and to save money. 
Foyer’s mobile professional insurance offers coverage tailored to each of your vehicles, their drivers and everything that can happen during business travel.    

Commercial vehicles

What vehicles are insured with Foyer? 

Cars, vans, motorcycles, trailers, buses, tractors, etc. All of an SMEs business vehicles can benefit from a tailor-made professional contract. 

Prioritise your mobility 

To stay mobile in all circumstances 

Your professional mobile contract also includes assistance and the maintenance of your mobility: towing costs, compensation for vehicle immobilisation and priority access to mobile service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In the event of a breakdown or accident, we are here to support you. 

What is covered

Professional mobile insurance is offered in for packages. From mandatory civil liability to full protection:  


  • Civil Liability

Options available

  • Standard & extended or Legal cover 
  • Fire + Glass Damage 
  • Protected driver 
  • Traffic accident 


All the benefits of the package



  • Forces of nature 

Options available

  • Accident assistance 
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Mobility 


All the benefits of the package



  • Fire
  • Glass damage insurance
  • Collision with an animal 
  • Theft 

Options available

  • Value+ or Purchase price t
  • Personal belongings 
  • Professional transported equipment 
  • Professional interior fittings 
  • Professional daily allowance 


All the benefits of the package



  • Property damage 
  • Mobility joker

Options available

  • Protected bonus 

Chosen by 68% of our customers

Each fleet has its own challenges. Find out what fleet mobility insurance can do for your company cars, vans and other vehicles.  

3 specific covers for professional motor insurance 

Protections designed for the professional use of your vehicles 

Professional daily allowance

If the vehicle is immobilised for more than 2 days, Foyer pays you an allowance of €100, €200 or €300 per day. This daily allowance can be combined with your replacement vehicle.

Professional transported equipment protection

Do you transport equipment or goods? In the event of an accident, we will cover the repairs or their replacement up to €10,000.

Professional interior fittings insurance

Your professional vehicles require equipment that is essential to the practice of your business: storage modules, tailboard, refrigeration? We cover these fittings up to €10,000.

Assess your needs in just a few clicks

Find out about the cover adapted to your activity

Our experts save you time by working with you to assess the most useful types of insurance for the continuity of your business. Ask them for an assessment of your insurance needs.