August 4, 2021

Foyer’s agents and staff mobilised to assist customers affected by the severe weather.

On 14th and 15th July, Luxembourg was hit by severe weather conditions, resulting in considerable damage.
In these circumstances, Foyer’s agents and staff are committed to supporting their customers and doing everything possible to find a solution for them very quickly.
As a result, the Foyer Group and its agents are fully mobilised to speed up compensation and respond effectively to customer expectations.

Has your home and/or car been damaged?

Please contact your Foyer agent as soon as possible.
Your agent will visit your home, if necessary accompanied by an expert, to support you as much as possible in your efforts. If your agent cannot be reached, our Customer Service Department is available on 437 43 43.


  • Take photos of damaged property
  • Make an inventory of the damage noted:
    • Damage to the building
    • Damage to contents (furniture, clothing, etc.)
    • Other financial losses (cleaning costs, etc.)

In order to better guide you in making a claim for the damage you have suffered, please follow the attached grid containing the inventory of your damaged goods.

Download an example of a damaged goods inventory grid

Have you been affected by the floods? What should you do?

Our agents and inspectors testify.

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Please also read our article on what to do in the event of bad weather, as it will help you to prepare your home and know what to do if there is a storm

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