What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a type of savings plan that enables you to progressively build up a lump sum whilst benefiting from advantageous tax arrangements and an attractive return. Whether you are looking to finance a project or simply put money aside, a life insurance policy enables you to make a good combination of savings and personal protection.


Why choose a Foyer Assurances life insurance plan?

  • Planned, regular monthly savings amounts.
  • Attractive return
  • Protection for loved ones in the event of death
  • Free choice of beneficiary or beneficiaries
  • Tax deductible premiums


How does a life insurance plan work?

At the time of taking out your life insurance policy, you determine the policy term and the amount you would like to be paid to beneficiaries. Then, you make regular payments of the premium depending on your resources and your objectives for policy maturity.

When the policy reaches maturity, you will receive the insured lump sum amount that has built up in the policy, plus interest. If you should die before policy term, then an indemnity of 100% or more (depending on the policy) of the savings amount which has accumulated, or the guaranteed amount, is then paid out to the beneficiary. "

Our life insurance plans

  • helios protect : Invest while protecting your capital
  • helios invest: Take advantage of stock market returns

What extra guarantees are there in life insurance?

You have the possibility of topping up your life insurance policy by adding extra guarantees for events such as:

  • total permanent disability following an accident or illness
  • death or disability following a traffic accident

Ask our advisers.


What is the return from a life insurance plan?

Returns from a life insurance plan depend on a series of individual criteria such as the duration of the policy, the amount of the premiums and the chosen risk formula.

What tax breaks can I benefit from?

  • Tax deductibility of insurance premiums
  • Tax deductibility of any extra guarantees

Ask your insurance agent for advice


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Fiche information financière helios protect DE
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PRIIPS - Helios Invest - Sup. CatW Balanced - FR - 31-12-2018
PRIIPS - Helios Invest - Sup. CatW Dynamic - FR - 31-12-2018

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