Making the right investment choice

Life insurance enables you to stay in control of the transfer of your wealth while taking advantage of attractive tax benefits and maximum protection for your invested capital.

"flexivie" – a modular solution which makes the difference

flexivie is an investment that combines the advantages of life insurance with the medium and long-term opportunities offered by the financial markets.

You can invest in a variety of funds all in one policy!

Security or yield* – why choose?

Depending on your investment horizon, flexivie offers you many opportunities to grow your savings through a variety of guaranteed and variable capital options.

Responsible management

You benefit from the expertise and long-term management focus of the Foyer Group specialists.

An ideal solution to transfer your wealth

You are free to appoint the beneficiaries of your flexivie policy in the event of death, a choice you can amend at any time free of charge.

Your money is always available!

You can withdraw all or part of your savings at any time.

Invest responsibly

You can invest in companies that encourage sustainable development.

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Your bank does not reward your savings efforts, but the vagaries of the stock market put you in a cold sweat?
Foyer has the answer: cumulus!

A savings plan that meets your needs

With cumulus, you can save in total security with no medical criteria and an attractive, guaranteed return.

Tax advantages

Payments into the policy are tax deductible as per article 111 of the Luxembourg tax code (L.I.R.).

A simple and clear product

You select the amount you wish to invest. This is the amount that decides the capital to be paid out at term.

Attractive yields

You benefit from a return that is guaranteed throughout the duration of the policy. Profit sharing may increase policy yields.

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Fiche info financière cumulus protect
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PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. CatW Sustainable Equities - FR - 20-03-2019
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PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. CatW Defensive - FR - 31-12-2018
PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. Confort - FR - 31-12-2018
PRIIPS - Cumulus Protect - FR - 31-12-2018

PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. Protect - FR - 31-12-2017
PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. Dynamic - FR - 31-12-2017
PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. CatW Balanced - FR - 31-12-2017
PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. CatW Defensive - FR - 31-12-2017
PRIIPS - Flexivie - Sup. Confort - EN - 31-12-2017
PRIIPS - Cumulus Protect - FR - 31-12-2017

*Subscription subject to acceptance of the proposal by Foyer Vie S.A., 12 rue Léon Laval, L-3372 Leudelange. The benefits of some solutions depend on changes in the market value of the funds in which the investment is made, in which case Foyer Vie cannot guarantee the level of return.

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