Grow your capital

You are looking to diversify your savings by taking advantage of stock market returns while optimising your estate planning.

An investment solution that fits your investment objectives

flexivie is a multi-vehicle life insurance policy with free payments and withdrawals.  Your investment amount can be split between investment vehicles with guaranteed yields and unit-linked investments, offering you considerable flexibility.

Key features

Estate planning

You are free to appoint the beneficiaries of your flexivie policy in the event of death, a choice you can amend at any time free of charge.

Responsible management

Your savings are managed by a team of experienced asset managers. They aim to strike the right balance between risk and yields so as to profit from performance on the financial markets.

Attractive yield prospects

Depending on your investment horizon, flexivie offers you many opportunities to grow your savings through a variety of guaranteed and variable capital options.

Optimum protection of your savings

Luxembourg life insurance policies provide unlimited security on the deposited assets. The capital of your policy is separated from the assets of the insurance company and the custodian bank. This “super-privilege” enables you to recover your assets ahead of any other creditor of the company.

Your money is always available

You can withdraw all or part of your savings at any time.

Savings not taxed on payout

When the policy matures or in the event of partial or total withdrawal, the benefit payable to you is tax exempt.

Invest responsibly

In your MyFoyer Client Area, you can view your policies, monitor the trends and performance of your investments, and request attestations or tax certificates.

MyFoyer Client Area

In your MyFoyer Client Area, you can view your policies, monitor the trends and performance of your investments, and request attestations or tax certificates.


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