Protect your loved ones and your income

Term insurance enables you to secure a loan and protect your loved ones in times of need for the duration of the loan. According to the chosen solution, you guarantee your loved ones a stable financial future.

3 term insurance packages to fit your needs


Do you want to protect your loved ones? With chronos, you have an insured death benefit that will be paid out to the beneficiary of your choice in the event of your death. A fixed amount of capital for a defined duration of time

focus financement

Do you want to take out a car loan or another personal loan? focus financement covers the amount outstanding on your loan in the event of your death. The outstanding balance of your loan is paid to your bank, and your loan is settled.

focus investissement

Have you found your future home? Our focus investissement loan balance policy (TSRD) covers mortgage loans and long-term investments to buy or build your family home.

Key features

Protection of your loved ones

They benefit from a guaranteed lump sum in the event of your death.


You choose the death benefit and the policy term. With the TSRD policy, you have the choice between a single premium or payments by instalments.

Extra cover in the event of disability

By taking out Disability Cover, Foyer also pays the death benefit lump sum set out in the main policy in the event of the policyholder’s total permanent disability.

Tax optimisation

Under the terms of article 111 of the Income Tax Law, it is possible to deduct for income tax purposes premiums paid under a life insurance policy.

Term insurance

You can deduct up to €672 a year per member of your household.


Paying for your focus investissement policy through a single premium gives you a higher deductible limit.

MyFoyer Client Area

In your MyFoyer Client Area, you can view your policies, request attestations or tax certificates or update your personal data.

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