Finance your future plans

Making plans to renovate your house or take a big trip is one thing. However, t what if you also want to build your savings, grow your assets and protect your loved ones? Our range of insurance-savings products can help you do it all and even help you save on your taxes.

Two simple, flexible insurance-savings solutions

helios invest

Looking to invest gradually while protecting your loved ones? helios invest is a life-insurance policy that enables you to build your savings while taking advantage of stock-market returns.
This solution also enables you to:
  • Choose any beneficiary(ies) you like.
  • Protect your loved ones. If you should die before the policy reaches maturity, an indemnity of 100% or more (depending on the policy) of the savings provided for or guaranteed is paid out to the beneficiary(ies). You can upgrade your life-insurance policy by adding extra cover for death or disability.


Looking to help your children while saving on your taxes? nova is just the solution for you. This life-insurance policy works like a savings account for a child and over time enables you to:
  • Establish savings for your children. You choose how much you invest monthly. The savings accumulated can be paid out in the form of an annuity or a lump sum.
  • Ensure their security. Should a parent die, the beneficiaries will directly receive a lump sum equivalent to the total planned premiums over the term of the policy. In the event of accidental death, this lump sum doubles.

Key features


You choose the frequency and amount of the premiums to pay based on your budget and goals for when the policy reaches maturity.

Protection for your loved ones

They benefit from a guaranteed lump sum in the event of your death.

Attractive potential returns

You choose between a return based on stock-market performance or profit sharing.

Savings not taxed on pay-out

In addition, both the benefit payable on maturity of the policy and the death benefit are tax exempt.

Tax optimisation

Under the terms of article 111 of the Income Tax Law, you can deduct premiums paid into a life-insurance policy and additional cover premiums from your income taxes.


You can deduct up to € 672 a year per member of your household.

MyFoyer Client Area

In your MyFoyer Client Area, you can view your policies, request attestations or tax certificates or update your personal data.

A home-savings solution to finance your property plans

Looking to save in order to purchase land, build a house or renovate your apartment while taking advantage of tax breaks?
Wüstenrot home-savings plan is the solution for you.


The advantages of a home-savings plan


You invest is considered risk-free.


You gain access to a home-savings loan at an attractive fixed rate.


You can transfer the assets as well as the loan to certain family members.

Your annual home-savings premiums are income-tax deductible up to the following limits:
18-40 years old* Over 40 years old
Single 1 344€ 672€
Couples filing jointly 2 688€ 1 344€
Per additional child 1 344€ 672€
*For couples filing jointly, the ceiling is based on the age of the youngest taxpayer. Age means the taxpayer's age at 1 January of the filing year.

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