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Medical and paramedical professionals 

Full insurance for healthcare professionals

Physiotherapist, doctor, psychologist, dentist, nurse or veterinarian: choose a cover adapted to your profession. Foyer offers insurance dedicated to your firm and your professional civil liability.

Insurance tailored to your profession 

Professional civil liability for your financial serenity and a multi-risk approach that covers your equipment and your business. 

Professional liability adapted to the health professions  

Take care of your patients; we take care of the rest 

There is also the risk of error among medical and paramedical professions, with sometimes dramatic consequences and major damages involved. An inaccurate diagnosis, a prescription error or simply a patient who falls as they’re leaving your office… Our Professional Liability cover protects you and compensates you for damage caused to a third party as a result of your activity. 

Your business’s  multi-risk insurance policy 

Insure your office and medical equipment  

Multi-risk insurance for medical and paramedical professions covers theft and damage that may occur at your office, equipment and pharmacy. The insurance takes into account the risks of fire, explosion, glass breakage, water damage, storm, flood and electrical damage.  

Benefits specifically designed for healthcare practitioners  

A “machine breakdown” cover

In addition to essential protections such as fire, the “machine breakdown” cover covers damage and malfunctions related to external incidents (shock, fall, blow, etc.).

Protection of your computer equipment

We cover the damage, deterioration or destruction of your professional computer equipment on your premises. Your laptops are covered anywhere, including when you are travelling or working from home.

The guarantee of financial tranquillity

We will provide you with compensation in the event of interruption or temporary reduction of your activity. Optionally, you can cover up to the amount of the loss of market value of your business.
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3 things to know about your insurance


Financial protection 

Professional Liability insurance covers damage suffered by your patients, including when you are declared responsible.  


Group your insurances into a single policy 

Professional multi-risk insurance allows you to include several covers such as property insurance and civil liability into a single policy. 


Regularly check the value of the contents  

The insured value of your medical equipment depends on the estimate communicated to your insurance company. Also consider assessing the value of your furniture and your stock of medications. 

Additional guarantees for extended protection 

Retirement savings plan

Build up your supplementary pension by making tax savings.

Executive liability

Insure your costs of defence, appraisal and image restoration in case of management error, non-compliance with regulations, or prosecution in the case of an employee’s non-compliant work contract.

Commercial vehicle

Choose commercial vehicle insurance with assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including driver’s liability and vehicle damage.

Case study

The burglary of offices, particularly dental offices, is a reality. Howevert methods are changing: the amount of damages is on the rise and the perpetrators no longer seek only money, but are directly attacking equipment and medicine. Our multi-risk insurance covers you for the theft of cash and compensates you for any damage suffered.  

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Why Foyer?

Our professional insurance policies are specially designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs and independents, with a business-oriented approach: flexible coverage exists to cover the specific risks of many professions. With Foyer, entrepreneurs can count on the quality of service and advice of one of the leading insurance companies. In both good and bad times. 


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