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Our agency

We offer you a comprehensive assessment of your insurances, customised advice and a professional service.
The Foyer Group’s wide range of products enables us to meet all your needs and provide tailor-made insurance and personal protection solutions, along with savings and personal pensions
We accompany you at every stage in your life and can help to ensure your dreams become a reality, whether it’s buying your first car, moving into your first home, protecting your family, your travel and your hobbies or saving for a more secure retirement.
Our principle motivation is to listen to you, advise you and understand you in order to build a relationship on trust and closeness, for the long term.

Languages spoken

Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Portuguese

Our partners

Francois BIERMANN Matricule CAA: 2001AG173
Marie-christine FAGNERAY Matricule CAA: 1992AG157
Georges FERNANDES Matricule CAA: 1997AG041
Christian PENNING Matricule CAA: 1993AG288
Ronald SCHLESSER Matricule CAA: 2005AG176
Philippe WENNER Matricule CAA: 1989AG086

Our advisors

Nathalie AUBERTIN Matricule CAA: 2002AG010
Sandra Daniela CAMELO MOURA Matricule CAA: 2023AG093
Coralie ERPELDING-REISER Matricule CAA: 2003AG028
Brett HAMILIUS Matricule CAA: 2023AG168
Daniel MARQUES DIONISIO Matricule CAA: 2009AG181
Anna MESQUITA Matricule CAA: 2008AG100
Michael PEREIRA GONCALVES Matricule CAA: 2010AG006

Our services

Tax optimisation

We analyse your situation and advise you on the tax deductions available with your insurance premiums.

Insurance - Personal Protection - Asset Management

Complete flexible solutions adapted to your life situation.

Claim assistance

We will be there to help you through the first steps. You also have access to Foyer’s assistance service, a team of experts on hand to advise you 24/7.

Registering a vehicle

Insure your car with our agency and we’ll help you through the administrative process of registering your vehicle.

Meeting at your home

We schedule our meetings according to your availability, at your home or in our agency, to better meet your needs.

Issuing an international motor insurance card

We can issue your car’s international motor insurance card and your policy documents on site at the agency, quickly and efficiently.

Our labels


If you are self-employed or work in a liberal profession, we offer you solutions tailored to your situation and advise you on the supplementary pension scheme for the self-employed (RCPI).

Cyber Pro

Whether you are the owner of an SME or self-employed, we help you protect your data and combat cyber-attacks. The Cyber Pro service includes an insurance component, but importantly an assistance component to support and guide you through emergency situations

Our products


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