Foyer assures you on a daily basis

A large network of professional agents in order to deliver you with a high quality service.
More than 130,000 households are insured on the Luxembourg market.
Listening to you and your needs wherever you are.

Services designed to make your life easier

Save time, stay informed about your files and above all, focus on what really matters thanks to your app and your customer area.

  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Claim declaration
  • Real time monitoring
  • View your policies
  • Exclusive services

Products adapted to your needs

Motor insurance that thinks of everything
mobilé, is the motor insurance that protects you, your passengers and your car, motorcycle, camper van, etc.

With the different packages and options, you compose the insurance that perfectly meets your needs.
Insurance that adapts to my lifestyle
mozaïk these are essential covers, useful covers and modules.

That you can combine as you wish to create a policy that matches your life.
The best for my health
medicis provides additional healthcare coverage in addition to your standard healthcare provider.

A choice between two solutions
Insurance for your peace of mind
Foyer offers you simple and flexible savings solutions, suited to each of your needs.

Saving for your retirement, optimising your tax situation or preparing for your children's future, Foyer offers you a wide range of solutions.

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