Frequently asked questions

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The MyFoyer app is 100% free and does not contain any in-app purchases. It exists only as a service to you.
The MyFoyer app was designed especially for Foyer customers who have taken out a health, auto or home contract, as well as any insured parties who benefit from a Medicis group contract. Are you one of these? Try out the app today!
To be able to use the MyFoyer app on your smartphone, you must be running at least iOS8 or Android 6.0.
To find out what version of the MyFoyer app is installed on your smartphone, look at the application settings using the upper-right hand menu.
If you are already a MyFoyer Client Area user, you can use the same login information. Otherwise, go ahead and create a new account.
Sure! If you are not yet a MyFoyer Client Area user, you can create a new account in the application.
Account creation on the MyFoyer app is reserved for Foyer insured parties who have taken out a health, home or auto contract or who have a Medicis group contract.
To create an account, you must enter a valid e-mail, your personal information (first and last name, date of birth and postal code) and your customer number. Nothing more!
You can find your Foyer customer number on your customer card or on your insurance policy.
These things happen… If you encounter any problems with the mobile app, contact technical support by email at:
Some MyFoyer application features are available for all users, whereas others are only available for some profiles.

Features available to all users:
1 - Emergency callback
2 - Profile viewing
3 -Detailed agent form and contact information

Features which vary according to your insurance contract:
1 - If you have health insurance, you can send your health reimbursement requests and your coverage requests.
2 - If you have an auto or home contract, you can view the history of your closed claims and keep up-to-date with the progress of your ongoing claims in real time.
You can change the language to French, English or German in the application settings using the upper-right hand menu.
MyFoyer lets you directly send health reimbursement requests and coverage requests.
In the application, choose “Make a health request”, then choose “Coverage or quotation”. Tick “yes” when asked if for a hospital procedure and indicate hospital entry date and the name of the hospital.

For the request to be completed, also add:
The patient’s first and last name;
The complete diagnostic.
Just as when requesting hospital coverage, choose “Make a health request” and select “Coverage or quotation”.

Tick “yes” when asked if for a hospital procedure and indicate hospital entry date and the name of the hospital.

For the request to be completed, also add:
Pregnancy certificate.
Any reimbursement request relating to our Medicis start, Medicis comfort and Medicis hospi+ formulas must be accompanied by the following documents:
Account issued by the local national health system (CNS);
Copy of each invoice corresponding with this account;
Copy of pharmacy tickets related to this account;
Copy of pharmacy tickets related to this account;
If your sickness insurance fund is not involved in reimbursing expenses, please directly send us the original invoices and a refusal letter from the local national health system(CNS).
No more than 20. Otherwise, the handling of your reimbursement requests will not be quick and efficient. With a maximum of 20 documents, we are certain to assist you quickly and efficiently.
The progress of your request appears in real time in the mobile application: firstly in the “requests in progress” list right after being sent, and later in the “processed requests” list when it has been received by our claims managers.
If your health reimbursement request or coverage request is incomplete, it is possible for our claims managers to request additional information or other useful documents.
Yes, and you will appreciate this! Simply create an account in the mobile application to send and you can follow up on health reimbursement requests. Be sure to keep your Foyer customer number handy to create an account.
Although you might make health reimbursement or coverage requests for any person insured through your contract, the MyFoyer app only lets you view the progress of requests that involve you. We plan on adding the ability to view all requests in a future update. App changes are planned for the future ;-)!
We always have someone available to assist you:
If you are an Individual customer, contact us at +352 437 43 4200 or by e-mail at
If you are a Group customer, contact us at +352 437 43 4246 or by e-mail at
Not quite yet. But the application is useful with claims, because it lets you follow up on the progress of your ongoing claims.
Claims are quite unique. We can only inform you of the stage your claim is in or the stages it has already gone through.
Your claim appears in the application only once it has been assigned to a claims manager. If you have just notified it from either MyFoyer or via your agent, you may have to wait a little while. As soon as the claim has been entered into our systems, it will appear instantly in the “ongoing” tab.
Yes, regardless of location. It is 100% free to be called back in an emergency.
No, we have experts specialised in assisting with claims who will help you. However, your agent will be informed of your procedure and can call you back if you so desire.
Foyer is an innovative and attentive insurer who offers quick and efficient help in your time of need. With this feature, we set out to offer human assistance that is efficient, personal and closely involved. For this reason, we vow to provide an expert in the field of your incident, who will call you back within three minutes, with prior knowledge about your claim.
Whenever you need Foyer to assist you with a claim, we will do our utmost to help you.
The MyFoyer app gives you all the useful information to do so (opening hours, address, contact information), but does not yet offer a direct calling feature. This may be added in a future update...
It is possible that no intermediary is showing up if you are insured through a Medicis group health insurance contract. In this case, your contact point is the person in your company in charge of group contracts.
To access your personal data in the mobile application, click on the small person icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
This information cannot be modified directly from the application, but a link will redirect you to the Foyer MyClient website where this is possible. Once your data modification has been validated, the changes will appear directly in the application.