July 8, 2024

Housing in Luxembourg without breaking the bank: have you considered coliving?

When you arrive in Luxembourg, you’ll realise several things. In order: housing is expensive, there are many expats and newcomers, coliving is an excellent idea. Less expensive and comfortable, you can put your suitcases down and feel at home in good company.

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What is coliving?

Coliving is a kind of organised house-sharing. Specialised agencies offer rooms, studios or even whole apartments including spaces and services shared with other housing units.

Most of the time, these are all-in packages that include all energy, water, internet, home insurance and household costs. So it’s goodbye to hidden fees and stacks of contracts, the aim is to make your life easier.

This proposal particularly appeals to newcomers because, on the one hand, they only have to unpack their bags, and on the other, they have the opportunity to create their first social network.

More or less, it’s up to you

More or less private space, in more or less high-standard furnished accommodation, with more or less services: coliving agencies often offer you enough choice to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

How much is a coliving rental?

Expect to pay between €1,500 and €2,200 per month, depending on the type of property. This is the price of a standard rental*, but think about all the things you need to add to the rent. That’s where the savings come in: furnishings, energy, water, insurance, internet… all included in the coliving lease.

What other costs will you have to pay? Well, not much: food, transport, other insurance products. For example, you should take out private third-party liability insurance, supplementary health insurance and possibly cover for your valuables against theft.

*The average price of a studio rental in Luxembourg City is €1,730 (in 2024, estimate from combien-coute.net)

A host of services for greater comfort

Unlike flatsharing, coliving is inspired by the hotel industry in terms of the range of services offered to residents, some of which are very extensive:

  • Regular housekeeping
  • Get-togethers
  • Provision of electric bicycles or scooters
  • Subscriptions to streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime)
  • Gyms
  • Secure parking
  • Etc.

Some services may be included, others will be in addition to your lease.

Who is coliving for?

Expats, newcomers, young professionals, digital nomads, interns, alone or with their families, there are a multitude of different people who may be interested in coliving. If you’re looking for a quick and comfortable housing solution, and the social dimension is a plus, then this is for you.

Agencies often offer you a choice in terms of private space and quality. This ranges from a private room to a complete three-bedroom apartment. The coliving offer in Luxembourg is so mature that there’s now something for everyone, even families.

Coliving contracts are more flexible and less restrictive than traditional residential leases. It is possible to sign up for a short-term rental period of a few months, or even a few weeks. An ideal solution for travellers and nomads.

A good address?

One of the most active coliving agencies in Luxembourg is furnished.lu, which offers furnished rentals.

Traditional property sites like athome.lu and immotop.lu do not yet offer the coliving criterion. We recommend that you visit the websites of specialised agencies first.

In conclusion

Coliving is a response to a number of contemporary trends, such as rising property prices, the growing importance of networking and the desire for greater flexibility. If you don’t want to die of boredom or compromise on your quality of life, coliving is for you.

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