Have you spotted your dream car yet?

Think about the mobilé crédit car loan, a unique solution for financing and insuring your vehicle. You benefit from the best conditions on the market while retaining maximum flexibility in configuring your car loan (duration, monthly payments, cover, etc.).

Two solutions for maximum flexibility

Thanks to the mobilé credit car loan you choose the repayment solution according to your budget.

mobilé crédit auto classic
Balanced and comfortable
  • Set the term of your car loan yourself
  • Repay fixed monthly payments
  • Finance up to 100% of the purchase price
mobilé crédit "light car"
An ideal solution if you regularly change your vehicle
  • Repay part of the borrowed capital and pay the balance (residual value of the vehicle) at the same time as the last monthly payment.
  • Take advantage of lower monthly payments than with traditional motor financing

Your dreams are just a click away

Have you spotted your dream car yet? To turn your dream into reality, here are three ways you could finance it: mobilé credit, car loan and insurance in a single step.

Tesla Model S

From €994/Month*

Long Range - Price TTC 85.100 €

Volkswagen T-Roc

From €286/Month*

1.0 TSI 115 cv - Price TTC 24.330 €

Volvo XC40 Ta

From €357/Month*

T3 163 cv - Price TTC 30.751 €

* The examples above concern the Light Car solution which is financing with reduced monthly payments which gives you the opportunity to pay only a part of the borrowed capital. As for the other part, called residual value, you repay it at the same time as the last monthly payment. For example, a Lightcar solution loan of €30,000 for a new vehicle concluded at a fixed rate of 2,89% for a period of 60 months is repayable in 60 monthly instalments of €351 the last monthly instalment being increased by the residual value of €12,257. Total amount due by the borrower: €33,304 (excluding insurance). There is no administrative fee.

Key features


You will receive an answer to your loan request within 2 hours*

*Contract subject to acceptance of your file by the lender regarding your ongoing financial commitments as well as your current income. Answer promised during opening hours from Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Your agent takes care of everything

No administrative fees

Piece of mind

Coverage in the event of death and unable to work, to protect you and your loved ones.

Reimbursement of the balance of your loan in the event of a claim with total loss or theft of your vehicle.


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Classic package

354 € / Month inc. tax1+2

Fixed monthly instalments for the term of the loan. Financing of up to 100% of the purchase price.

Light Car package

246 € / Month inc. tax1+2

Reduced monthly instalments. Financing of part of the amount and payment of the balance at the end.

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mobilé crédit is an instalment loan policy distributed by Foyer Distribution S.A., a loan intermediation company, in partnership with the lender Record Credits S.A., a credit institution licenced by the Belgian authorities.

1. Applicants acknowledge that the applicable rate will be the rate in force at the time the loan policy is signed. Applicants declare that all the information supplied is full and accurate. Any false declaration shall result in rejection of the application or cancellation of the loan. Use of this tool does not bind Foyer concerning the simulation parameters used and cannot be considered to be an offer and/or acceptance of credit.

2. A traditional personal loan for €20 000 for a new vehicle concluded at a fixed rate of 1,59 % for a term of 60 months shall be reimbursed by 60 monthly payments of €347. The effective annual interest rate is 1,59 %. Total amount repayable by the borrower: €20505 (excluding insurance). There are no arrangement fees.

3. Light Car is a financing package with reduced monthly repayments allowing you to repay only part of the lump sum borrowed. You pay the remaining part, referred to as the residual value, at the same time as the final monthly instalment. A Light Car loan of €20 000 for a new vehicle concluded at a fixed rate of 2.89 % for a term of 60 months shall be reimbursed by 60 monthly payments of €234, with the final monthly instalment increased by the residual value of €8174. Total amount repayable by the borrower: €22 205 (excluding insurance). There are no arrangement fees.

The data provided by you and collected in this form are processed by Foyer Assurances for pre-contractual purposes.By providing your e-mail address, you accept that the Foyer Group (Foyer-Assurances S.A., Foyer Santé, Foyer Vie, Foyer Arag, Raiffeisen Vie, Foyer Distribution) will use your electronic data for marketing purposes. You will have the option to unsubscribe.

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