Foyer's motor insurance policies are also the simplest and most comprehensive

We have reduced the fine print and increased your benefits. With mobilé insurance, you and your passengers are protected, defended and assisted giving you complete piece of mind.

Several solutions

From basic to comprehensive coverage

Indispensable, simple and effective
  • Third-party liability
  • Legal cover
Extra benefits to the essential coverage

  • ESSENTIAL package cover

  • Fire, theft, glass damage, acts of nature , collision with an animal
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Personal belongings
  • 24-hour assistance and recovery
  • Value + option
Complete peace of mind

  • ESSENTIAL package cover

  • PROTECTION cover

  • Material damage
  • No-claims Bonus protection option

If you make a claim

What we can do for you

24/7 assistance
You always have a contact person, whatever the time of day.
Partner garages
A chip in your windscreen? Have it repaired without payment in advance, our network is there for you.
Claim declaration
From the site of the accident or from your home, by phone, by email or via MyFoyer app.
Up-to-date information
Follow the progress of your vehicle claims in real time. You can view the different steps in just a few clicks.
Replacement vehicle
Your life continues normally during repairs thanks to your replacement vehicle.

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A chip in your windscreen?

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