December 3, 2021

mozaïk competition: Foyer reimburses the moving costs of one of its customers

In Spring, Foyer launched a major “moving” initiative for all its residents, and was therefore able to support its customers and prospects at a key moment in their lives.

Foyer provided 10 moving boxes in mozaïk colours to all residents who were planning a move and made an online request. To support this action, Foyer launched a competition called “Foyer reimburses your moving costs”, held from 19 April to 30 September, and open to everyone planning to move house.

More than 500 people took advantage of this major initiative.

Jenny ROCH, a customer of the Daniel Pax agency in Frisange, won the competition and was reimbursed her moving costs.

Gagnante du concours Je déménage avec Foyer
Ricardo FREITAS CASIMIRO  (Foyer Assurances), Jenny ROCH, Danie PAX (Agence Principale d’Assurances Daniel PAX)

The happy winner, accompanied by her agent Daniel Pax, was awarded her prize on 24 November at a small reception at Foyer’s head office.

Congratulations to the winner!

Are you also about to move house? Foyer will support you and will provide your boxes.

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