September 7, 2022

Les Nuits des Lampions

Foyer is sponsoring “Les Nuits des Lampions” (Chinese Lantern Festival), which will take place this year from 15th to 17th September at the Wiltz Gardens. This unforgettable spectacle enchants visitors of all ages and is one of the most heavily attended cultural events in Northern Luxembourg.


To commemorate the occasion, Foyer is offering 10 chances where you can win 2 tickets to a magical experience on 17 September, starting from 7:00pm.    

To enter, simply complete and submit the form on the Foyer Blog between 7th and 13th September.

The random drawing will take place on Wednesday, 14th September.

The winners’ names will be posted on Facebook.

For more information about the terms and conditions of entry, please see the contest rules.

Try your luck and enjoy a delightful evening in the North of Luxembourg!

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