March 24, 2021

Foyer Global Health gets a makeover

This year, Foyer Global Health is starting fresh with a new brand identity and a complete rebranding!

Foyer Global Health, the Foyer specialist in expat health insurance, is proud to present its new identity!

From the company values to the graphic charter, the internal and UX teams have been working fervently over the last few months on this complete rebranding. 7 years after its launch, Foyer Global Health has continued to increase its ambitions and push its limits to satisfy its customers.

Faced with these new challenges, Foyer Global Health has seized the opportunity to reinvent itself and is now beginning its transformation. “Beyond borders” is the desire of the group’s newest member to become the future leader in its market and to continue to serve expatriates worldwide, without limits.

What do you think of this transformation? Feel free to share your thoughts and follow Foyer Global Health‘s activities. And to learn more about this new identity, feel free to read the dedicated blog post.

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