September 17, 2020

Is special insurance required when learning to drive?

To obtain a driving licence in Luxembourg, enrolling with a driving school is condition in which learner drivers have to do. However, many new or young drivers choose to extend their driving course.

Do you know how to get your insurance in order?

How to obtain a  Luxembourg driving licence:

  1. 12 hours of theoretical learning in an accredited driving school
  2. A written examination
  3. minimum 16 hours of practical training
  4. A practical test

This is the fastest route to getting the licence.

Having said that, for each failure, an additional 8 hours of driving school lessons are added. In the end, the duration and cost can take on a whole new dimension.

Many candidates therefore opt for accompanied driving, i.e. a continuation of the practical training (12 hours in this case), which takes place under the supervision of a coach/ experienced driver. This person may be a parent or relative who has held a driving licence (category B) for more than 6 years and has not been convicted of any driving offences for the last 5 years.

Accompanied driving = driving under the responsibility of the coach

The coach assumes responsibility. They have a teaching role, but at the same time take on the status of legal guarantor, and are considered to be the driver of the vehicle even if they are not at the wheel.

The coach is solely liable in the event of an accident occurring during the accompanied driving.

To register a coach with the Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile (SNCA), you must go to a driving school with a number of documents, including a specific certificate issued by the insurer.

This certificate includes two important pieces of information:

  • It certifies that the compulsory third party liability insurance is valid for the training period and that it covers any damage caused in the event of an accident occurring during the accompanied driving;
  • It states the names of the coach and the candidate for the driving licence.

Will my insurance rate increase?

It is up to the insurer to set the rate. Most companies increase the premium due to the increased risk of accidents. However,  there are a few exceptions that will change your policy without increasing your premium.

The premium will return to normal when your partner or child buys his or her own car and is no longer named on your insurance policy.

How will your insurer react in the event of an accident?

You and your accompanied driver are legally covered once you have adapted your insurance policy for accompanied driving.

If however, your insurer is not informed, in the event of an accident, it could exercise a right of recourse and claim from you repayment of the damages paid to the other party within the limits of legal provisions.

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