May 17, 2024

Visiting Luxembourg: sites and activities not to be missed

Just moved to Luxembourg? You’ll soon discover that the Grand Duchy is much more than a city with a high concentration of banks. The capital itself is full of treasures to discover. What’s more, though small, our country offers an astonishing diversity of landscapes. History and culture enthusiasts buffs, nature lovers or true connoisseurs epicureans: here’s some inspiration for exploring the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Le quartier du Grund à Luxembourg ville sous un ciel bleu

The capital’s must-see attractions

The Old Town is where you’ll find the main monuments, including the Grand Ducal Palace, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Place Guillaume II… Take a stroll through the narrow streets lined with pretty boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Explore the medieval quarter around the old Fish Market. And don’t forget to make a diversion to the ultra-modern National Museum of History and Art (MNHA).

Fancy a romantic stroll? The Chemin de la Corniche offers magnificent views of the old town and the Alzette valley. Or go and see the famous Adolphe Bridge at sunset.

To reach the lower town, also known as the Grund, take the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator. In this old quarter, crossed by two rivers, you can walk along the water, admiring the bridges, the Vauban towers, the green spaces and the beautiful Neumünster Abbey.

Finally, the Kirchberg district offers a beautiful contrast with its fascinating mix of contemporary architecture and green spaces. Its two most emblematic attractions? The Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM).

Luxembourg’s green side

The Müllerthal region well deserves its nickname of “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland”. Rolling countryside, lush green forests, surprising rock formations… it’s a real paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Are your legs already itching to get going? Put on your walking shoes and cover the 112 km (or part of it) of the Müllerthal Trail, divided into three routes. Route 1 circles the magnificent historic town of Echternach.

However, there are other green spots too, like the Sûre valley in the Luxembourg Ardennes in the north of the country. Or if you fancy a mix of nature and industrial heritage, why not go to the Terres Rouges mining area? You’ll discover Minett Park Fond-de-Gras and its amazing sites, such as the Giele Botter open-cast mine in the Prënzebierg nature reserve.

The Valley of the Seven Castles

Do you prefer road trips by car? Then the Seven Castles Valley Tour is for you. Get ready to take in all the medieval architecture along its thirty-odd kilometres (which actually include more than seven castles, by the way). And between the castles? An idyllic route through forests and pretty villages.

Moselle wines and other pleasures for the palate

And now, let’s talk about local gastronomy. I should warn you that the traditional cuisine is rather rich. Kuddelfleck, Luxembourg’s national dish, is a perfect example: it’s best to be hungry before tackling this preparation based on tripe or beef stomach, which is cooked, then breaded and fried. Riesling pâté en croûte or Gromperekichelcher, a rösti-style potato cake, is not much lighter, but  on a gloomy winter’s day, or after a long  hike, they have a way of lifting your spirits.

Rest assured, Luxembourg has restaurants to suit all tastes. The Instagram accounts @Luxfoodtrip and @luxembourgfoodguide will make your mouth water and give you all the information you need about the best places to eat.

A important decision to make, what should we drink to wash it all down? A good Luxembourg beer or a Moselle wine, of course. In this  part of the  wine-growing region, located in the  south-east of Luxembourg.  there are many wine producers offering  tours and tastings of riesling, crémant and pinot gris.   Don’t forget to take a stroll through the vineyards, or something different like hiring  an electric boat for a trip on the Moselle.

Welcome to Luxembourg

Has this blog given you the urge to explore our beautiful country? So much the better! At Foyer, we love our Luxembourg and we’re keen to give its new residents the welcome they deserve.

In fact, did you know that we’ve devoted an entire guide to it? In it, you’ll find all the information you need to set up home in the Grand Duchy. From housing and taxation to healthcare and leisure.

Download the Newcomer’s Guide here

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