April 21, 2022

How can you insure yourself against personal accidents?

Accidents have one constant: they always happen when you least expect. Prevention is better than cure, as we know. Accident insurance will help you deal with the unexpected by adapting your living environment and compensating you for the injury or damage you suffer.

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What is a personal accident?

These are all accidents that occur other than those on the road or in the workplace (work and commuting).

They have four main origins:

  • Domestic accidents: anything that happens in your home. Asphyxiation from a gas leak, burns from a fire, drowning, electrocution, falling from a ladder or stairs, etc. These accidents are two to three times more deadly than road accidents.
  • School-related accidents: these most often involve your children falling at school (or at nursery) or on the way to school.
  • Accidents during sports and leisure activities: a fall while cycling, climbing, snowboarding or skiing, a go-karting accident causing whiplash, etc., are all examples of accidents that can happen during your free time or your holidays, even though you may not regularly do this sport.
  • Other accidents: those that happen when you take your dog out, go shopping or have a picnic away from home. A slip, an assault, intoxication, etc.

Is special insurance needed to cover these accidents?

Yes, because personal liability insurance only covers damage to third parties. If you want to protect yourself or your family, you have to take out personal accident insurance.

At Foyer, this is optional cover in our mozaik insurance policy. Under this single insurance product, you can bundle many other useful and non-compulsory covers, including the personal accident module.

This covers all family members and includes many benefits:

  • Immediate guarantee valid worldwide 24/7
  • Financial protection in case of personal injury
  • Compensation up to €1,250,000
  • Access to assistance services at home (domestic help, childcare, home services, continuing schooling, etc.) or abroad (repatriation, accompanying children, etc.)
  • An advantageous insurance premium if you have already taken out other modules

Taking out personal accident insurance is simple and does not require a medical questionnaire.

Children are the first to be affected

They are the bravest. Our children are go-getters, they taste danger, they test their balance and their adventures sometimes end with an encounter with the ground.

Up to the age of 6, falls are the main cause of accidents. And as they grow, the height of the fall becomes more and more dangerous: first the sofa, then the high chair, the stairs or a play unit.

80% of children’s accidents take place at home. Up to 1 year old, they occur mainly in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. From 1 to 4 years old, the most dangerous places in the house are the kitchen and the living room. Gradually, the outside takes over.

In the event a child has an accident, personal accident insurance covers a number of assistance services such as remedial schooling, childcare and even the cost of a parent’s stay with their child in hospital.

Older people also easily put themselves in danger

Every year, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 suffers a fall. The consequences are often more serious and disabling than in children: fractures, trauma, etc.

Senior citizens sometimes need special facilities (even if they do not recognise it): better lighting, non-slip surfaces, handrails, etc. Sometimes precaution can avoid disaster.

The costs of treatment, prostheses or even home improvements are also covered by personal accident insurance.

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