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To make errors is human. This should not hinder your SME. 

Corporate civil liability covers damage caused to third parties in the course of your business activity. 

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All forms of material, intangible and physical injury are covered 


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Corporate civil liability 

Civil liability insurance is a protection net against financial risks 

An oversight, error, fault, etc. No matter the size or activity of your company, there is a risk that you or one of your employees may be held liable for damages or losses suffered by a customer, supplier or third party. The Corporate Liability cover compensates them in your place and preserves the financial viability of your company.    

Professional and operational: two categories of civil liability insurance  

At Foyer, you need only one policy to cover two types of civil liability!  


A customer slips and falls on your premises, you spill coffee on their computer, a piece of the false ceiling falls and injures one of your guests, etc. All these situations involve your operational civil liability. 

General liability insurance also known as “Operational Civil Liability” 

Non-contractual damages that may incur your liability in the course of your professional activity are covered by operational civil liability insurance. 

Professional civil liability insurance

This insurance covers damages that arise as a result of an error, negligence or fault during the performance of a service. 

Case study

As a consultant, you have provided strategic advice that generates a financial loss for your client.  


Risks for SMEs are not just financial 

Civil liability is mandatory for certain “regulated” professions: lawyer, architect, real estate agent or travel agent. For all other intellectual professions, it is more than recommended.  
Whatever your sector of activity, as a professional, you need to have freedom of action; you must be able to advise without fear of unintentional consequences (omission, error, fault, etc.). With our insurance, you and your employees can run your business calmly. 

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