Insure yourself against cyber-attacks  

Protect your company and customer data 

High angle shot of a hacker cracking a computer code in the dark.


A team of experts assists you on the actions and statements to be carried out 


Identifying the nature of the problem, repairing your computer system and restoring your data 


Limiting the negative impacts on your reputation and preserving your customers’ trust  


Do not fall prey to a cyber criminal 

Cyber attacks do not concern only large groups. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the preferred targets of hackers, who know that they are more vulnerable. The techniques used are multiple (phishing, ransomware, theft of customer data, etc.) and require a quick response.  

Foyer guarantees assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by a team of IT security professionals, 

ensuring that your SME does not become another victim of cybercrime. 


Professional cyber IT risk insurance can cover: 

  • Costs to investigate and resolve the threat 
  • Ensuing gross margin lost 
  • Data access or reconstitution fees 
  • Investigation costs charged by the Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données (CNPD) 
  •  Legal defence costs 
  • Complaints from injured third parties 
  • Image repair costs 
  • Non-contractual civil liability claims 
  • Civil liability claims related to content on the website 

A cyber attack can have major financial implications for an SME.  

To be totally serene and prepared for any event that arises, you can activate optional coverage for business interruption. You will be compensated for the loss of earnings as a result of a cyber-attack, data theft or external fraud. 


Benefit from a crisis unit in the event of a cyber-attack 

Report, identification of the nature and origin of the attack, security of the IT network, data restoration, image management, etc. Our teams of IT security experts, lawyers and crisis communications specialists take charge of all the issues that your company may face in the event of an attack. We also support you in the process of informing the victims.  

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