August 10, 2023


A yearly event highly awaited each year by young and old alike, the Schueberfouer Fair will take place on 23August.This funfair has been held since the 14th century, making it one of the oldest traditions in Luxembourg. The Schueberfouer Fair will take place at the Glacis car park location, with the usual stalls and events, as well as new attractions.


The long-awaited Schueberfouer is coming soon! This popular yearly fair will start on 23th  August and run until 11th  September.

The Schueberfouer fair: an over 670 year-old Luxembourg tradition!

Between 23th  August and 11th  September, you will surely stop by for a waffle or a ride on the Ferris wheel. Since 1340, the Schueberfouer fair has brought Luxembourgers together in a festive atmosphere.

John the Blind, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, created the event over 670 years ago. At the time it was only a big market, to which concerts, dances and games were gradually added.

Restaurants and street vendors still at the heart of the festival

With its street vendors, restaurants, attractions and events throughout the festival, the Schueberfouer is a multifaceted celebration. The stands set up on the Glacis field will cover a total of 4.44 ha (hectates) this year, like in 2019, before the pandemic.

Among the more than 200 fair stands from all over Europe, you will find an array of things to eat, with a dozen restaurants and more than fifty refreshment stands! This is an opportunity to enjoy local specialities such as fried fish (“gebakene Fësch”), potato pancakes (“Gromperekichelcher”) or sweet delicacies such as waffles or “Schappnougat”.

Before or after eating, you can stroll along Scheffer’s Alley, where the street vendors sell souvenirs and all sorts of goods.

A festival that is both traditional and modern

The Schueberfouer is not only a large fair with many attractions and stalls, but also a set of different traditional celebrations every day.

The Schueberfouer therefore has its share of modern attractions. This year, there will be two new rides: the Daemonium (the world’s largest mobile ghost train) and Gravity, a ride reserved for thrill seekers with its high loops.

Traditional events include the Burgomasters’ day (29th  August) and Queens’ day (31th  August), with beauty queens, wine and beer. Not to be missed, 30th August will be family day, with price discounts on the whole fairground. The full programme is available on the website of the City of Luxembourg.

Some important information to enjoy the Schueberfouer fair!


The fair is open every day from 12:00 noon to 1:00 a.m. The location of the Schueberfouer fair, the Place du Glacis, is easily accessible by public transport, and for those who come by car, it is possible to check the occupancy rate of the car parks in real time.


For parents or organisations bringing children to the festival, a lost children service will be set up by the police. An online form allows you to register children on the E-Commissariat site.


Free Wi-Fi will be available to all during the event under the name “HOTCITY4free@Fouer”.

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