June 6, 2023

All to the starting line with 2024 Solirunbike

The 6th edition of SOLIRUNBIKE will take place on 13 June 2024. Run and pedal for sport and solidarity. This is a sports project organised for the benefit of the association Handicaps Solidaires Luxembourg. The team members will alternate running and cycling within set time limits and the members of the association Luxembourg Back To Sport will have fun joining a team to pedal or run together!


The participants signing up to Solirunbike can be individuals as well as employees of companies that have chosen to sponsor the event and put teams on the starting line.

Foyer Assurances is one of the partner companies supporting the project, as the values of this event are ones it also holds dear.

A fun sports activity promoting solidarity

This sports activity was created for people to come together. The circuit is accessible to people with a handicap. All of the sports participants, with or without a handicap, are invited to form duos or trios to participate in the challenge together. The day of the race, before the start, the teams will be formed by including handicapped persons. Each team must bring their own mountain bike.

Sports at the core of a convivial solidarity project

The organisation of a sports challenge in which the team members cross the finish line together reflects the values upheld by Handicaps Solidaires Luxembourg. Teamspirit, solidarity and conviviality are the 3 values at the heart of Solirunbike.

  • Team spirit
    Running, cycling, and especially… helping each other to cross the finish line together. Put team spirit in practice and share the pleasure of mutual support in the challenge.
  • Solidarity
    Experience solidarity concretely between sports participants in a shared challenge.
    Contribute to solidarity with sick children or those in poverty, who benefit from the donations received by the teams.
  • Conviviality
    Participate in the race, support a team, relax with a drink, Solirunbike is an opportunity to come together to share a fun time.

Interested in taking part?

Rendezvous on Thursday 13 June at the parking lot of Coque au Kirchberg. Registration and forming of the teams at 5:30 p.m., debriefing at 6:00 p.m. and start of the trial race.

Join the Solirunbikers community!

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