Sale contract for second-hand car

In order to facilitate your procedures, we provide you with a sale contract for cars or motorcycles adapted to Luxembourg legislation.


Some advice when meeting a potential buyer

Of course, not every potential buyer is dishonest. You should nevertheless take certain precautions to make sure that a car sale takes place under the best conditions:

  • Think about insuring yourself for a test
  • Do not lend the ignition keys until you are in the car
  • Ask your interlocutor to switch the engine off and give you the keys back before leaving the car
  • Make sure you know the identity of your interlocutor (identity document with photo)
  • Make an appointment with the potential buyer during bank working hours


What happens to my insurance at the time of the sale?

The sale of your car or motorcycle may have an impact on the conditions of your insurance contract. Remember to declare the sale of your car to us by registered letter to:

Foyer Assurances
mobilé service
L-2986 Luxembourg

Your vehicle's insurance is suspended from the evening of the sale at midnight.

Where can I sell my car or motorcycle?

Foyer Assurances is an exclusive partner of the largest site for buying/selling second-hand cars in Luxembourg:

For more information, contact your Foyer agent

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