What to do in case of a car claim?

In case of a car accident, first inform your Foyer agent, who will help you to complete your accident report. He/she will also give you advice on the procedures to be undertaken. You cannot contact him/her? Our Mobilé Service call centre is available to you 24/7 on +352 437 43 43. Our advisers will directly undertake the administrative procedures for you.


What we can do for you…

  • A call centre available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • A single contact person to handle your case from A to Z
  • A case finalised as soon as possible

Is your windscreen broken?

Foyer offers a large network of professionals to make your life easier and help you save precious time.

Advantages of Foyer's partner network:

  • Save time: no forms to fill out, no vehicle assessment – making an appointment is easy
  • No fees to advance: Foyer pays the invoice directly to the repairer
  • Free VIP benefits: verification of security points, exterior washing

Your windscreen can be repaired in less than one hour!

View the list of our partners and the services they offer.


How do you complete an accident report?

A correctly completed accident report guarantees quick and fair payment. Our advice to complete it:

  • Enter the contact details of the persons involved, any witnesses, and the details of cars involved (registration n°, brand, etc.)
  • Choose carefully the checkboxes to check
  • Make a clear and accurate sketch
  • Complete the accident report with the other parties involved and sign it (except in case of disagreement)
  • Have your report signed by the other parties

Download the accident report Déclaration sinistre assurance auto mobilé

Where should the accident report be sent?

Once duly completed and signed by the parties, send your accident report to:

Foyer Assurances
mobilé service
L-2986 Luxembourg

Caution: Take your time! Once signed, the accident report can no longer be changed.

In case of an accident in series, make 2 reports: one with the driver in front of you, the other with the following driver.


What am I entitled to in case of a car accident?

If your car is immobilised after an accident in Luxembourg, Foyer organises and takes charge of towing your vehicle to the garage of your choice.

Would you like to benefit from Foyer's car assistance? Ask your local Foyer agent for advice.

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