Advice and tips for choosing a used or nearly new vehicle

Do you want to change your car, and you have decided to buy a used or nearly new vehicle? In order for the purchase, including the financing, insurance and the change of ownership to go though smoothly – you need to do some preparation and to follow a procedure.

That's why Foyer and Luxauto® are giving you some tips to help you choose your vehicle and avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Among the wide selection of vehicles offered by Luxauto®, you've probably already found the vehicle of your dreams. That's great, however, before you finalise your purchase here are some key steps will allow you to confirm your choice with confidence.

  • You should make sure that certain written documents exist.
  • You should make sure that the vehicle's condition is fully inspected.
  • Take the wheel!

Some administration procedures are to be expected when purchasing a vehicle : to register the new vehicle, to insure the vehicle to be able to drive legally, to pay a motor vehicle tax and to demand a parking permit.
Foyer and Luxauto® develop a “Smart Buyer's Guide" and a “Buyer's Check-list" to help you about the vehicle's check-up before buying!

Guide: how to choose your used vehicle

Pre-owned car buyer’s check-list

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