Lëtz Go Gold Run

Foyer is proud to support the first edition of the charity run to combat childhood cancer, which will take place on Saturday morning on 29 September 2018 in Kockelscheuer, and is organised by the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation.

It is an innovative concept and more than just a simple run, with everyone taking part collecting a minimum of €200 from the people they know. All donations will be allocated to research into childhood cancer conducted by the Luxembourg Institute of Health and the University of Luxembourg's research unit.

The morning of the run is also a celebratory event that the public may attend.

For spectators and donors, the start of the run will offer fun activities, scientific workshops, food trucks and photo sessions.

This event perfectly encapsulates the values of Foyer Group, which, as a corporate citizen, has for many years supported social and human projects, such as medical research.

You will find all the information on the website

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