Value the content of your house?

To properly insure your home, it is important to know the exact value of your movable property and your personal effects. By listing all of your property, room by room, you will probably be astonished at the value of the property accumulated over the years.

Take the time to check the value of the contents of your house at regular intervals so that you are not surprised in case of a claim. The value of your goods affects your home insurance and the repayments that it will provide.


Some advice on improving the protection of the contents of your house

  • Note the current value of your movable property in our valuation form.
  • Photograph your valuable objects. In case of theft, they may be useful.
  • Think about the limitations to your insurance concerning jewellery and objects made of precious metal which are not locked in a safe.

Caution: If the insured amount for your home insurance contract is less than the value that you have determined based on our form, you must contact your agent.

How can you value your property?

In order to establish an inventory of your property that is as accurate as possible, identify the following information for each object of value:

  • Date of purchase
  • Brand and model number
  • Price paid at the time of purchase

Regularly updated, this inventory will help you to calculate the value of your property when making a claim.

Ask your agent for advice

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