Travel while staying securely connected !

When you're travelling the same question comes up year after year – where can I can connect to the Internet? Whether you're checking email on social media or looking for a restaurant for dinner, it's not always easy to find an Internet connection when you have left your home.Here are some tips to securely connect to the Internet.

Where can I find an Internet connection on holiday ?

Public Wi-Fi networks (hotels, train stations, restaurants, etc.)
Many public places now have Wi-Fi networks. Look for the Wi-Fi symbol on shop windows to connect to their free network. Hotels and restaurants also usually have free Wi-Fi access.

While these types of internet connections are quite practical for planning your afternoon adventures, these networks are not secure. Do not access personal information on these networks (e.g. bank accounts).

Via des Shared computers (In hotels or Internet cafés) :
Some hotels, Internet cafés and even motorway rest areas have computers available to the public. You may pay to use these computers, but don't use them unless absolutely necessary.

Log out before leaving the computer (erase the history or use private browsing). However be careful, you still leave a trace when using shared computers.

Purchase a special plan for when you're travelling
For international travel you can often purchase a plan with a set amount of hours you can use for calls, SMS and data for only a few euros extra. This could be a good option to stay connected wherever you are.

Any tips to stay securely connected during my holidays ?

  • Avoid entering your user name, password, or bank card information if you're on a non-secure connection.
  • Always make sure to keep an eye on your devices. Don't leave them behind, as they'll quickly be stolen.
  • Disable “International data" to avoid costly roaming charges.
  • Disable automatic connections to known Wi-Fi networks.

With these tips, you can enjoy your holiday and stay connected !

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