What should you do in case of water damage, fire or burglary?

  • In case of burglary, first call the police on 113
  • In case of fire, call the Fire Brigade using the emergency number 112
  • In case of an emergency related to your home, contact reebou service housing assistance on 437 43 43


reebou service: immediately – at your home – without fees

  • Organisation of emergency intervention related to your home: water damage, pipes blocked, power cut, broken window, damaged roof, broken down heating, etc.
  • Payment of expenses covered by your reebou home contract
  • Breakdown assistance provided in all countries
  • Multilingual advisers (LU, FR, DE, PT, EN)
  • Network of approved professionals


What should you do in case of water damage?

In case of water damage, start by identifying the cause of the problem (leak on your premises or on neighbouring premises, blocked pipe, natural forces,…) and deal with it as far as possible (cut the water supply, call reebou service,…). Remember also to warn your neighbours and take photos of the cause of the damage.

To declare your claim under the best conditions:

  • Keep the vouchers for any repairs
  • Do not throw anything away – even if certain objects appear completely destroyed
  • Do not repair anything without the prior agreement of your insurer

What should you do in case of fire damage?

In case of fire, begin – of course – by calling the emergency services and making yourself safe. Once the fire is under control and in order to guarantee quick compensation for material damage, remember to obtain the following documents:

  • Declaration of claim with the list of damaged property (with invoices, if possible)
  • fire brigade's report on the fire
  • Photos of the damage and of the property

What should you do in case of burglary?

In case of burglary, begin by lodging a complaint with the police (within 24 hours after discovering the theft). Then produce the following inventories, to present to your insurer:

  • Inventory of stolen objects (with invoices, if possible)
  • Inventory of material damage caused to the accommodation
  • Photos of damaged and stolen goods

Remember also to retain any proof of forced entry (e.g. damaged locks), which may be useful in case of assessment.

Would you like to benefit from reebou service housing assistance? Ask your local agent for advice.

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