Why have a home ownership savings plan?

A home ownership savings plan is an incremental savings plan with numerous tax advantages:

  • Constitution of interest-bearing capital
  • Tax deduction of payments devoted to housing-savings
  • Option to obtain a property loan at advantageous rates

The capital from the home ownership savings plan is intended for the construction or purchase of a house, as well as modernisation work in your accommodation. Contracts featuring tax-deductible payments require a 10-year commitment. The length of time for which the contract has been held determines how the savings can be used. Home ownership savings loans must be used for projects related to accommodation regardless of whether or not the 10-year commitment has already been fulfilled.


Why choose Foyer's home ownership savings plan?

  • Attractive mortgage rates
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Safe savings
  • Tax-deductible


Save time

Financing a home requires long-term planning. Ideally, it is composed of 3 financial sources:

  • A personal contribution
  • A mortgage
  • A home ownership savings plan

Generally, the larger the personal contribution, the more advantageous the mortgage conditions.

A home ownership savings plan lets you not only constitute this precious personal capital, but also obtain a mortgage at a particularly advantageous rate.

What happens with the capital saved?

Over the first 10 years, the home ownership savings plan contract cannot be terminated (except in case of death/invalidity). The savings must be used for the conversion, modernisation or acquisition of a main home in Luxembourg or abroad.


What is balance-remaining-due insurance?

The home ownership savings plan also lets you protect your mortgage by balance-remaining-due insurance (link to 'focus' in retirement savings). This life-insurance product covers the amount of your loan remaining due in case of death.


What tax advantages can I benefit from?

The following investments are tax-deductible:

  • Payments devoted to home ownership savings plans
  • The interest credited to the home ownership savings account on 31.12
  • Any insurance premiums

A strong partner – high-performance savings

Foyer is associated with the German group Bausparkasse Schwäbischhall, expert in home ownership savings plans, in order to provide you with the experience and know-how of more than 14,000 staff throughout the world.

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