Health-insurance reimbursements – how does it work?

A health insurance policy pays medical expenses that are not covered by the statutory national health-insurance fund. Firstly, these are the expenses and fees that exceed the agreed limits that the statutory health-insurance fund sets with agents in the health sector. Then there is a whole range of medical and therapeutic services that are not covered by the statutory scheme.

The health insurance policy therefore comes into play after the reimbursements from the statutory health-insurance fund to cover the expenses for which you remain liable.


What do we need?

To ensure quick reimbursement of your health expenses, please send us:

  • A statement from the statutory health-insurance fund
  • A copy of each invoice for doctors' fees
  • A copy of each doctors' prescription
  • Your pharmacy till receipts ordered by your doctor

Specific case of the reimbursement of dental fees

If the statutory health-insurance fund asks you for a quotation before paying for certain dental or orthodontic expenses, send us the quotation of the statutory health-insurance fund on your case.

Reimbursements for hospitalisation

If your state of health requires hospital treatment, please inform us of it in writing within 10 days before entry into hospital.


Where should my documents and requests be sent?

Please send us all correspondence relating to the reimbursement of medical treatment to the following address:

Foyer Santé
12, rue Léon Laval
L-3372 Leudelange

Do you have any questions concerning your health-insurance reimbursements? Call +352 437 43 4200.

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